Hiring an event management company for your next MICE conference could end up saving you several days of stress! MICE tourism is nothing but business tourism. MICE tourism presents ultimate opportunities for business development, whether it’s an informal conversation with old partners, meetings with prospective investors, introduction to new technologies or information exchange.

MICE are usually affiliated with large corporate agencies; they must hire an event management company if they want their MICE Tourism to take place in the most standardized way, here are the reasons why:

1. Better choices of location

Fabulous locations are most important to consider during MICE planning than anything else. By hiring one of the best event management companies for MICE, you get better choices of locations to conduct MICE meetings while you might just have idea of 2-3 locations.

Event management companies understand your purpose behind conducting MICE tour i.e. whether you want to organize corporate conferences for extended period of days or the trip is planned as a reward or training for employees or want to organize cultural & sporting events, trade shows & exhibitions.

After understanding the broader purpose of conference, further they analyze the theme & topic on which your well-planned agenda is centered. Then, finally important details like venues, potential experiences, off-site excursions and memorable dining possibilities are decided.

For example: If you are planning a conference, seminar, staff incentive program or want to participate in an exhibition, then Dubai can be your best MICE location. However, if you are willing to pamper your employees with best tourism incentives, then you can definitely think of India, from the icy Himalayas to the tropical islands and from barren  deserts to desolate jungles it is a world in itself. India is also popular for yoga & ayurvedic centers, health club & herbal spa facilities.

Promoevents: Hire an Event company for MICE

2.Cost Advantage

Planning a tour by own can be bit expensive, particularly if yours is a large group. Generally the company managers are not aware of prevailing rates in terms of hotels, logistics, sightseeing etc. while event management specialists do this on a daily basis, they have good contacts and that’s why can suggest destinations within your budget. They possess good negotiable skills and therefore can manage the MICE tour smartly, you will be saved from the arrangement headaches and can concentrate on other important things.

Promo Events offer customized MICE tourism at a budget most suitable to you whether you are planning for a tourism event in your own country, Dubai, India or any other peninsular country like Singapore.

3.Hotel bookings

Generally, MICE tourism is meant to incentivize more than to educate employees or do serious business talks. Booking the right hotel is important in such a a scenario, you must hire an event management company for MICE tour planning. They understand your purpose behind meet, the number of attendees and ofcourse the budget, the event management companies book the resorts/hotels in advance and ensure that when the team arrives no time is wasted in doing formalities & they rather move towards their respective rooms peacefully and start getting the vibes of upcoming fun.

4.Food arrangements

Hiring an event management company is important for your MICE because it can plan food arrangement systematically as per attendee’s choice. They inform venue people about the choices of people, how many are non-vegetarian,  eggitarian or pure vegetarian. How many take drinks, also categorically what drinks. What’s the choice of food – Chinese, South Indian, North Indian, Thai, Continental, Japanese etc.  The MICE planners set the menu for each day with variety, handling by own becomes a tedious task.

Hire an Event Company for your MICE with excellent food arrangements

Image Courtesy: http://www.happylandtents.co.ke/catering-services/

5.Manage Logistics

An event management company helps you in managing logistics for your upcoming tourism.  It arranges transportation facilities like picking you from airports, dropping you to the conference/event venues, taking you to other sightseeing locations.

They are expert in understanding traffic flow of the decided city and hence make route planning effectively.  They ensure that only those bus/taxi vendors should be hired that have satisfactory safety records, meet federal & state operational requirements. You must hire an event management company for MICE tourism as it also helps you in negotiating best rate on your behalf. Coordinating with local authorities for necessary permits, requesting police assistance for special events, and understanding local laws that may have an impact, are being taken care by Event management companies. A good event management company offers One-stop shopping for all types of transportation, from shuttles and airport transfers to special event and VIP transportation.

Take a glimpse, when & where transportation facilities can help you out during MICE planning

  1. Airport to Hotel on 1st day
  2. Hotel to MICE event venues
  3. Venues to various site visit spots
  4. Hotel to different attractions
  5. Hotel to client’s office if needed
  6. Hotel to central business district
  7. Hotel to airport on last day of the tour

6.Better Delegate Experience

Delegate experience is the crucial part of any MICE tourism. Event management companies make arrangements by anticipating general & specific needs of the intended audience during complete tour. They help in arranging special amenities for elderly people and physically challenged people as well.

By hiring event management companies for MICE, you can think of arranging emotionally intelligent events spaces such as recreational rooms, sensory lounges and experience zones facilitating greater partnerships. Event management companies can create all possible arrangements including rooms with movable partitions and furniture, or extensions onto a rooftop venue gardens, rooms with views, or an entirely out-of-the-ordinary locale.

A conference is meant to take delegates outside of their regular office routines, that’s what event management companies take care of.  They provide clients a healthy menu options, mineral water, access to gyms, yoga classes and fresh outdoor air. Guests should be able to select activities, talks, meetings, and spa sessions in advance to customize their ultimate conference experience and create the journey that suits each individual.

Promo Events MICE planning is done in such a way that can boost work-life equilibrium and  make a distinct mark in the industry. At Promo Events UAE., we have handled some of the largest MICE and Tourism events and have executed them to perfection.

7.Conference Support

Organizing conferences in a different city is not an easy task. There are many things that are too difficult to be managed by own. In such situations, event management companies play a great role.

Event Management Companies offer complete event planning services that can be customized to fit your needs and budget. Specialized event organizers have decades of experience in handling all the details that make your event memorable and seem effortless to your guests! From registration management to A/V equipment & support, a specialized event management company can manage all. Event planning experts work closely with the client to design an event that reflects the client’s vision of the gathering and meets the event’s objective. Clients hire event planners to plan all aspects of the event, including related details and action items, and to see that event go through in a hassle-free manner until its completion.

Conference planning include the following:

  • Selecting an overall theme for the event
  • Developing a budget
  • Selecting a venue
  • Negotiating hotel contracts
  • Hring outside vendors
  • Planning the menu
  • Hiring a caterer
  • Arranging for guest speakers or entertainment
  • Coordinating transportation
  • Choosing the color scheme
  • Developing invitations

By hiring event management companies for MICE, you can create informal areas with comfortable, even movable, seating or simply take the weight off your feet while you enjoy your takeaway coffee. Instead of the usual, theatre-style seating and the often uncomfortable, venue-supplied furniture, conference planners can bring in clustered seating, or even sofas.

8. Better Understanding of  Local flavor

Event management companies have huge experience in arranging MICE tourism for various clients belonging to different industries in different cities. This results in maintaining good networks with local people. They easily understand their lifestyle, common slangs, culture and mindset. That’s why hiring an event management company for MICE is definitely a wise move as that can work as the best local partner for you. With event management companies, your MICE tour is planned smoothly, saving your precious time, money & avoid any frustration creeping in between of MICE tour.

9.Sightseeing Planning

When you plan a MICE tour,  it’s not only conferences or conventions for which you take your guests to a different destination, but it’s also about taking your guests for sightseeing everyday just after finishing up conferences or conventions. An event management company create a list of all the tourist destinations to be covered on a daily basis.

They do prior research before taking the guests to the destination, they note the timings of different places, make prior bookings, update about the specific clothing to be worn for specific places. For ex: In Dubai, if you are planning to go Jumeirah Mosque, then the hands of ladies must be covered fully.

Promo Events arrange complete sightseeing requirement professionally, they have been successfully doing this as a chore and have won trust of many high profile clients. Their extensive sitesseing planning has won us many accolades from clients world over.

Image Courtesy: http://soundloud.ru/mp3/the-dubai-fountain-bellydance.html

Hire an Event Company for your MICE including sightseeing packages 10.Arrange Photography sessions

Event Specialists also arrange photographers during the complete tour. Photographers take images from conferences to sightseeing to hotel chilling.  Later on, the photographs can be used for business purpose. Event planners make sure that copies of all the photographs are sent to all the guests once the tour gets finished to treasure the memory of an awesome trip forever.


These days Dubai is considered as an ultimate destination for planning MICE. It is a unique destination combining variety of first-class hotels, excellent infrastructure, shopping, dining and entertainment facilities. This vivacious city brings together the highest standards of comfort and convenience with the traditional adventure of Arabia. From vast deserts to the towering skyscrapers and to the bustling souls, Dubai is an ideal location for any business event.




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