7 Design Trends for Commercial Interiors in Dubai

Unlike lifestyle interiors, finalizing designs for commercial interiors in Dubai is a tricky affair. Commercial interiors in Dubai need to tick a lot of boxes. A commercial space needs to be cost-effective, elegant, classy and extremely efficient. At the same time, they must have a distinct and creative feel, so that customers and clients can feel welcome. Expectations are constantly evolving in terms of design trends in commercial interiors. Hence, businesses must regularly adapt to the changes happening in commercial interiors to reflect current tastes of their employees, visitors and consumers.  Here are some epic design tips for your commercial interiors in Dubai:

1.Geometric patterns:

These striking designs are one of the new design trends for commercial interiors in Dubai. Subway tile is fading out and some serious patterns are introduced including interwoven triangles and subdued backdrop arrangements to complement minimalist furniture lines. Large geometric patterns make a statement, and add uniqueness to your commercial space. Large geometric patterns are used on walls, carpets, and floor tiles. They help businesses create a true design statement that expresses personality and makes a lasting impression on visitors.

Geometrical Design Commercial Interiors in Dubai

Image Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/colorhousepaint/color-stories-eclectic-geometric-palette/

2.Get a kinky touch:

Sometimes, it’s interesting to break stereotypes. We are referring to the rules of commercial interiors in Dubai in this case! While the basic funda of commercial interior designs can always be followed, but why should commercial interiors should be identical or formal? The creative minds will certainly agree.  Traditional designs stick to the very basic neutrals and not being creative with interior design. This typically leads to a very boring and uninteresting commercial interior. These days commercial interior planners in Dubai are looking forward to try mixing various fabrics and color combinations that can allow your space to be unique and have a distinct personality. Infusing various flooring options throughout your commercial interior space is one way to give your space a distinct personality all its own.

  Commercial Interiors in Dubai with kinky touchImage Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/Annttoinette/whimsical-+-quirky-designs/?lp=true

 3.Environment friendly decor:

With corporations coming under increasing pressure to meet social obligations in Dubai, there is a drive towards promoting eco-friendly commercial designs in Dubai, so commercial spaces need to be energy efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing. With employees being in the office for roughly eight hours a day, it’s really important that they at least experience the ambience of nature. Incorporating living walls into your space or placing plants throughout your space are just a couple of new design trends for commercial interiors in Dubai.

There have been various studies regarding the benefits of bringing the outside into the workplace. It has been suggested that plenty of greenery can increase your employees’ productivity levels, well being & creativity. These days, commercial interiors in Dubai have been morphed to accept eco friendly environment. It has been suggested that plenty of greenery can increase your employees’ productivity levels, well being and creativity. Usually glass use is considered as a mark of energy inefficiency, however new advances in window design are no longer the case:  Glass looks set to become a staple of future eco-builds.

Commercial interior designers in Dubai prefer formaldehyde free paints and wall finishes ensuring a good health of employees. This also reduces the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in renovating and building processes.

4.Open Spaces

In a modern era of increasing interaction & constant communication, today’s workforce is no longer willing to remain isolated in a tiny cubicle with no access to natural light. As a result, commercial spaces are moving towards more collaborative approach, changing their interior design layout to create more open workspaces. This is making a new design trend in commercial interiors in Dubai.

In such a décor, desks are separated with low or transparent panels, or these partitions are removed altogether in favor of circular workstations that promote an increase in communication and knowledge transfer.

Open spaces are designed, so that employees can choose whether they need to work together or get away from unwanted distractions. For example: The more social working zones & collaborative spaces would look more like an office breakout area, while zones designated to privacy would be in cubicle areas or perhaps even office pods. It allows people to choose how they want to work which will improve the quality of work.

Commercial Interiors in Dubai

Of course, for most commercial properties in Dubai, it’s not possible or practical to conduct regular full-scale refurbishments. Instead, the emphasis is on making smaller changes – a shift in the furniture layout or a new coat of paint.

5.Home office set up

Every employee spends so much time in the office, more than at his home; workplace is just a second home to the employee, which is why the residential design trend is one of the popular design trends for commercial interiors in Dubai. From sleeping pods to homely kitchen spaces, little flairs of the residential look can do wonders for your overall space design.

Commercial interior designers in Dubai push the envelope of the residential themes so that, employees can relate their office space with home like relaxation. Soft eating office furniture solutions such as sofas and beanbags are really emphasized, as it gives the image of a living room.

Commercial Interiors in Dubai including Home office setup

Image Courtesy: http://freshome.com/modern-home-office-ideas/

6.Smart Office look:

In today’s era, new technologies are mobile to the point where we can actually integrate them with our office furniture. New office desks such as tech desks are a recent example of how offices are moving towards the smart office.


The idea of smart office is about having everything technologically integrated, so that employees can switch their working styles. Employees will have plenty of freedom to choose what to work off from the usual desktop to your mobile phone, but it would all have to be connected so that you can access what you need at a whim. This level of customization is also great for welcoming millennials into the workplace as they are well accustomed to the switch of technology.

Smart office Commercial Interiors in Dubai

Image Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/plexgallery/smart-office-spaces/?lp=true

 7.Deep tones

The most important flavor of the year for a commercial interior design in Dubai is the inherent beauty of nature and deep cooling tones. Deep tone design trends for commercial interiors in Dubai are all about using charcoals and greys tinged with greens.

Commercial interior designers in Dubai look to use charcoals and greys tinged with greens. Combine them with ivory, stone, and taupe for balance. Just like the inherent beauty of nature, deep, rich hues are beautiful choices for commercial interiors in Dubai. If this all seems a bit reserved, then designers add a few splashes of fiery paprika or zesty lime for color.  In fact, sticking with grays and browns combined with lighter neutral shades will enhance the aesthetic of your commercial interior. This subtle balance is all you need to create a unique design for your commercial interiors in Dubai.

Commercial Interiors in Dubai for your Office

 Promo Events is a commercial Interior Designing Company across UAE, Middle East and India having proven capabilities in optimal Space Management and Designing. We work in partnership with our clients to develop a Retail Space, Mixed Use Areas, Hospitality, Healthcare, Salon and Spas, Corporate Interiors or a Commercial environment that engages consumers experientially with the brands. With our dedicated team of professionals, designers and even in-house artisans, we assure timely deliveries and continued post-project service.

Steps to organize a successful exhibition tradeshow in Dubai

Whether you are showcasing a product, a skill or a service, exhibition tradeshow is the perfect platform to present your business at its best. Exhibition tradeshows are unique in their own kind; they offer a place to capture qualified clients or leads face-to-face. Today, Dubai has retained its crown as the most popular destination for trade shows and exhibitions in the Middle East. Exhibition tradeshow in Dubai creates qualified exposure and sales that you might have to work harder to get via other channels.

Here are few steps you must follow if you plan to organize your next exhibition tradeshow in Dubai:


Step #1: Set Exhibition Objectives

Before registering yourself as a participant in your next exhibition tradeshow in Dubai, you need to be clear why do you want to exhibit in a particular show? Define the purpose of your exhibition and what do you hope to achieve? Who will be the attendees of the show? An exhibition can have many purposes; it can be depicted as a survey show, a showcase of new talent or a cross-cultural exchange. Define this as clearly as possible in order to get best out of your exhibition tradeshow in Dubai.

Step #2: Calculate Exhibiting Cost & Set your budget:

Once you set your exhibiting goals, another step while planning an exhibition tradeshow in Dubai is that you need to decide about your exhibiting budget. How your budget should be spent? How many people will you need to man the booth? What kind of technology needs to be incorporated? Do you need private meeting space? Have a clear understanding of what you are aiming to accomplish with your booth, so that you can effectively organize your exhibition costs.

Step #3: Research which exhibition will suit your market & reserve a space

Research over upcoming exhibition tradeshows in Dubai; carefully select where to host your exhibition matching your exhibiting objectives. The exhibiting space that you select will not only determine how many guests can attend, but also how many other exhibitors can provide content for your event. You might also willing to assume what impression the venue reinforces – is it worth hosting in a grand venue to create a more glamorous feel? Or would a less opulent venue be appropriate?

Exclusive Exhibition Trade Show in Dubai

In Dubai, most of the exhibitions are held in Dubai World Trade center. Some of the upcoming exhibitions to be held in Dubai World Trade Center are given; you may check what suits your product, service or industry and may begin to book your space now.

List of Exhibition Tradeshows in Dubai While exhibiting at DWTC, you can be rest assured that experience, premium facilities & technical capabilities provide you the exposure to make your investment more than worthwhile.

Step #4: Understand terms & conditions of participation

After reserving your space that best suits your sales or product placement, read the contract carefully signed by you with the exhibition authority. Understand terms & conditions of participating, payment schedule, how space is assigned. While planning exhibition tradeshow in Dubai, consult about floor plans, traffic patterns, services, and audience makeup.

Step #5:  Select Exhibition Theme, finalize designs & floor plans

Discuss a theme upon which the presentation of the objects and stories can be based. Broad themes could be change, place, influences, product functions, gender, time, & socio-political or environmental issues.  Once you have researched the theme, you will have countless ideas of what the theme is. Make sure to document ideas that interest you about the theme and later choose which one is right for your concept/idea. Thinking about the information of the theme that you have found, consider the ideas of emotion and feeling, exploration and experimentation, communication and relationships as starting points of the processes you will undergo when making your artwork.

Promo Events award winning technical team of 3D and graphic designers, CAD technicians and marketing professionals offer ace architectural and graphic solutions enabling you to deliver aesthetically impressive exhibition booths to suit your unique requirements and budget.

With over 30 years experience & more than one million square feet of multi-purpose space, DWTC welcomes some of the world’s most high-profile exhibitions. Some of the design trends that you can follow in your next exhibition tradeshow in Dubai are as follows:

  • 3D Printing

This is a trend that the trade shows and exhibition industry takes seriously as the technology required to print large scale 3D structures from a multitude of materials is becoming more and more accessible and more and more affordable.

  • Natural looking textures

In many exhibition tradeshows in Dubai, you can notice textured surfaces in their exhibition booth stand to increase visual interest. Textured surfaces draw attention; add depth & richness to exhibit’s look and feel.

  • Sustainable exhibition stands

Reusable materials have become new exhibition design trend in Dubai.  Using lower energy consuming components for stands is recommendable for your next exhibition tradeshow in Dubai.

  • Gamification

Gamification entails using game design elements in a non-game context & applying these to your event. Dubai Exhibition companies use gamification tactically to encourage actions such as early registration & networking.

  • I-Beacon Technology 

Using i-beacon can make your stand a hot spot, with people receiving exclusive discounts and content. Once you have created a buzz and attracted a significant amount of attention, you’ll be able to document this for your own social media promotion or use at future fixtures.

Step #6: Give your thoughts over Décor & Technology and Furniture – Select quality wood, metal, fabric and other materials for booth construction

The internal décor always have a big impact on how your guests perceive the event. Furniture, branded images, banners and screens are a good way to create an impressive visual experience. Consider flamboyant décor to stand out from your competitors such as inflatables, branded flags, anything with high visual impact, such as an exciting theme like 70s Funk, Undersea, Jungle or Hades.

Organise Exhibition Tradeshow in Dubai with PromoEvents

The Technology you use throughout the exhibition tradeshow in Dubai is also very important. If you want to connect on a more immersive level with your target audience, go for Augmented Reality. AR definitely helps you improve your exhibition tradeshow in Dubai; you can hide content behind marker images that can be included in your exhibition stand graphics. It’s a totally fresh and unique way for the visitors to interact with your brand. One of the latest virtual reality gadgets is Oculus Rift; it attracts the attention of visitors and creates a great talking point. The Rift is a cutting-edge virtual reality headset allowing audiences to completely immerse themselves in the virtual, three-dimensional world. Memorable activities and powerful brand experiences ensure that audience from all over the exhibition will pay you a visit and improve your ROI.

You can also provide interactive tablets pre-loaded with your portfolio or product slideshows, they provide a convenient way for visitors to explore your brand.

From furniture point of view, you can think for given newly furniture styles:

  • Bar Stools

 Bar stools are best for exhibitions, enabling those sitting to easily meet the eye-line of those standing up.

  • Low Stools

 Low stools are particularly suited to areas where demonstrations are taking place, low stools are most ideal at exhibitions.

  • Funky Chairs

This is ideally suited to expos; the funky chairs make a big impression! You may also choose a retro flourish or a futuristic look.

  • Display Counters & Kiosks

 They are the anchor of a strong trade show booth design. It’s the center of operations for your whole display, where event attendees gravitate towards to find more information or make a purchase. You can use many of kiosks that are available with customization options to perfectly promote your brand.

  • Portable Tables

Portable tables don’t just add dimension to your space but also provide ample room for displaying merchandise. Some styles, especially cocktail tables promote conversation i.e. perfect for connecting with event attendees in a more meaningful way. All of our exhibit tables are portable for easy transportation. Pair it with a stretch table cover or a fabric for a polished look. You can even get a custom printed tablecloth to create a stellar, on-brand booth.

  • Exhibit Seating & Chairs

 A dedicated lounge area creates a welcoming environment where people can sit down and relax. So, definitely you can choose from standard plastic folding chairs to director chairs to pub table sets and many more.

  • Display Cases & Towers

They bring merchandise up to eye level. Unlike the displays for retail stores, display cases are designed for easy setup and disassembly. Portable display cabinets pack up quickly into the accompanying shipping case, just like the rest of the trade show equipment and fixtures.

 Exhibition Tradeshow in Dubai for EEPC IndiaStep #7: Arrange Logistics

Big events require logistics management. This includes knowing who is turning up and when, managing exhibition space, organizing the timings and the general flow of the day or might be series of days. It’s imperative to have a team dedicated to the smooth running of exhibition tradeshow in Dubai.

Step #8: Arrange Staff & Hospitality

Start interviewing candidates; select those whom you think are capable of bringing enough leads out of exhibition. Your team should be able to understand & speak Dubai Local languages. They should be friendly, approachable and energetic towards audience. While organizing your next exhibition tradeshow in Dubai, select catering menu for expatriates press events, after-show party etc.

LG Exhibition Tradeshow in Dubai

Step #9: Market about your upcoming participation in exhibition

You need to allocate a good proportion of your budget to getting the word out about the exhibition. It’s important to bear in mind the difference in approach when marketing to the attendees and the exhibitors. The attendees need to be convinced that your exhibition tradeshow in Dubai will have something for them, and the exhibitors will need to be convinced that the attendees will want to buy from them. Getting these two messages to connect is vital to the success of the entire event.

Step #10: Invite Special Guests

Depending on the type of your exhibition tradeshow in Dubai, you might be willing to include an industry leader to present a seminar. Case studies & industry leaders insights make great talking points, and this not only provides a more rounded experience for the attendees, but will also give you more of an edge while marketing the event.

Special Guest Appearance at Exhibition Tradeshow in Dubai









Image Courtesy: http://avantflooring.com/events/avant-enterprises-launches-avant-flooring-at-the-big-5/

Step #11: Just before few days of exhibition, confirm freight arrival and check whether all the contractors are on schedule or not

Confirm freight arrival and check that all contractors are on schedule. Also, check hotel reservations for staff, as well as confirming meeting room bookings and catering orders. Get to know about the service areas. Meet electrician & confirm date and time for electrical installation. Confirm telecoms arrangements – phone / internet connection points.

 Step #12:  Supervise Booth setup and Installation

When preparing for the upcoming exhibition tradeshow in Dubai, you surely want that your booth looks and feels par excellence and is simply world class. Get a team who can help you set the booth stand carefully.

You may also go for Trade show display rentals; they are great booth options for first time exhibitors or their experienced counterparts. The rental exhibits offer savings over traditional custom exhibits. Exhibitors who choose to rent enjoy savings on labor costs, shipping, drayage, and booth storage fees.

 Step #13: Hold pre-show briefing and training

Just a day before the show, hold pre-show briefing and final training for staff. Be positive in all aspects of staff communications at this time. This final meet will set the mood of the staff for the whole exhibition tradeshow in Dubai.

Before leaving for the show, carry important phone/cell numbers, traveler’s checks, credit cards, copies of all orders and checks for services paid in advance, phone numbers and addresses of all vendors, engineering certificate for exhibit, shipping manifest, return shipping labels, and additional badge forms.

Improving Exhibition tradeshow in Dubai

Step #14: Plan activities for the final show

Work closely with venue staff during your exhibition tradeshow in Dubai. Supervise work of contractors and suppliers, such as exhibition designers and caterers. Observe competitors, see what works for them. Conduct “mystery shopping” if you can. Give staff time to visit the other exhibitors but watch out for poaching! Have daily meetings with staff and unwind sessions at the end of each day. Plan Timetables. Take photographs. Supervise health and safety issues. Handle enquiries from exhibitors, speakers, sponsors and visitors.

Step #15: Supervise dismantling of booth set up

Exhibition tradeshows in Dubai don’t always end with the end of exhibition tenure, instead they are almost always on- only the venue and participants may chance. For this reason, trade show booth dismantling is required after each show. Dismantling and careful handling of equipment, materials and products during the show has to be done considering the specs of the exhibition center.

 Step #16: Handle leads & send Thank You notes

Having an own lead collection system or an iPad to manually enter the details is the best way to improve your exhibition tradeshow in Dubai. The quicker and easier the process is, the better it will be for both your staff and your visitor. Make sure that your lead collection system enables you to add extra comments for every visitor. This additional information is very valuable.

Tips for choosing right Event Theme in Dubai

Dubai always experiences an calendar filled with events all year around. The city receives several thousand visitors from every corner of the world.  Whether you are a corporate event planner or an administrative person, the basics of event planning require you to have strong organizational, communication, and documentation skills. Above all, you must be really peculiar about picking up right event theme in Dubai for your next conference or a meeting. The theme is the first impression people will get when they see your event. It offers a condensed version of what you are interested in accomplishing.  You must consider given points for choosing right event themes in Dubai:

1. Consider your Target Audiences age, demographics, designations & industry

 Before deciding event theme in Dubai for your next conference, you need to analyze who is going to be attending this event – Employees along with their families, Investors/Donors, Stakeholders. What’s the age range of the guest lists? Is majority of visitors coming from Europe, India, Africa or are local based. What’s the working background of the visitors – Are they belonging to IT industry, Medical industry, Electronic Industry or Entertainment Industry. Think what would be relevant to them.

In past if you have organized events and you had invited same set of audience, then it is the right time to review their feedback given last time, analyze what worked and what didn’t from previous year’s themes, on the basis of this scrutiny, decide your next event theme in Dubai.

2. Event Theme should be in sync with the content of the event

Many internal company events have two overarching purposes: Build company culture & Increase employee engagement. On the other side, external corporate events almost always have a branding or a marketing purpose. If you are organizing an event to open up new doors for your business through push brand messaging or gained sales leads, then your event theme should be selected accordingly – It must be engaging, attractive yet professional. However if you are running a charity event where you want to emphasize on the mission of the organization it supports, then your event theme in Dubai should subtly evoke these messages. Don’t derail your event’s purpose by selecting an unrelated or worse conflicting theme. Promo Events is one of the premier event management companies in Dubai that can help you select best themes for your next event. In past, Promo Events has executed flawless events for some of the most branded clients.

 Make sure that the message of the event should be easily incorporated into whatever theme you choose.  Are you rewarding your employees for a great sales year? Are you hosting a golf tournament for prospective investors? Are you launching a new product? All of these things need to be taken into consideration as you choose your event theme in Dubai.

Event Theme in Dubai for VPS-Penn

3. Stick to the budget

One of the main deciding factors when it comes to selecting an event theme in Dubai is money.

Events can be expensive, and themes often heavily depend on budget. Consider how your choice will affect other event details. For instance: if you are planning a futuristic party, people may expect robots. Robots are expensive. For a safari party in Dubai, your attendees may expect real animals.

If you are attempting to organize an event on a shoestring, there is no point trying to pull off a lavish Monte Carlo-themed event with a black tie dress code, champagne fountain and late night casino. Be realistic about what your budget is and take it into account when drawing up a shortlist of ideas. Everyone is willing to organize successful extravagant events that guests continue to gossip about afterward. However you need to check out your budget before selecting any of the event themes, many companies just don’t have that kind of budget. When choosing an event theme in Dubai, be realistic about what you can afford.

4.Check out the latest trends

One good potential source for theme ideas is to look at what is popular while you are planning your event. This could be a particular film which is breaking box office records or a color scheme straight off the catwalk. Choosing a trendy event theme in Dubai will make the event seem up-to-date and current.

Here are some of the famous corporate event themes in Dubai:


#1. Masquerade

This is a famous theme for all kinds of events. You can arrange everything in your reception to resemble an en grande masquerade hall filled with elegant lighting and royal drapes. You can also ask your guests to bring a mask or two (minus the ballgowns).

 #2. Jack Daniels Theme

This theme is good if you have a keen eye for small details and you are willing to use props to really engage your guests. You can design the venue with bar signs, wooden tables, and some wine barrels for chairs and bring in a great rock or blues band.

#3. Aviation Theme

Your guests don’t really have to dress up as pilots for this one, although you can get the service crew to wear steward and stewardess outfits.

#4. Workshop Theme

The workshop event theme in Dubai is tough, brooding and atmospheric. So, if your event goal revolves around this theme, then definitely the workshop theme must be your best option.

#5. Quay/Seafood Theme

If you can’t bring your guests to a tropical gateway for your event, why not choose a venue overlooking the sea. A boat or river cruise venue is even better if you want to give your guests that vacation feeling. Top it off by serving sea foods and tropical drinks.

#6. Under the Sea

By choosing a variety of deep blues for your décor & food items, this nautical theme can really bring the sea to life. Table centerpieces consisting balloons in the shape of dolphins or arranged seashells and other sea creatures create a stunning atmosphere. Some of the Caribbean gala dinners are even held at aquariums, so that guests can also enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

#7. Black and White Formal

The black & white formal theme allows a great scope of creativity to be implemented, as the only constants are the contrasting colors. Mixing these colors is relatively simple and centerpieces, tablecloths and artwork in these colors are relatively easy to find. Event planners can use dim white lighting to set the mood, and black tablecloths and streamers to create a unique atmosphere.

Event Theme in Dubai for Forbes

5. Choose the right color combination

One of the simplest event themes in Dubai you can choose is a color scheme. A black and white ball oozes sophistication and glamour, while red and green are perfect for a Christmas party. They are also ideal for charity fundraisers if the good cause is already associated with a particular hue. A color theme gives you a great starting point when thinking about decorations for the venue, dress code and even the catering.


Make theme colour match your event objectives:

White:  It creates a sense of space, so consider draping a small or dark room in white. It represents purity, cleanliness and innocence.

Black: This color is appropriate color for high – end, black tie events. It represents sophistication, power, and elegance; in some cultures it represents life or rebirth.

Red: One can select its event theme in Dubai in Red color as it is the most attention grabbing color that represents excitement, passion, intensity and strong emotions.

Orange: This color creates a playful environment for your guests. It is a great color to use at a fundraiser, especially in a silent auction area. This color represents vibrancy, energy, and excitement.

Yellow: This color increases the metabolism, so it’s a good choice for a breakfast meeting or brunch event. This color is probably best to use with another color or as an accent and should not be used as a major backdrop.

Green: It’s a natural, healthy & a tranquil color that creates a calming effect, it relieves stress and helps heal.

Blue: It’s a perfect color to use for a business meeting or a corporate team training function. It signifies peace, trust, loyalty. It is a popular and a neutral color on a global level. It lowers pulse rate, body temperature and creates productivity.

Purple: This color can be used in creating special effects with lighting, royalty, wisdom, wealth. It is an exotic color that is associated with luxury and extravagance, but it also signifies a spiritual connection; For example: This color can be used when designing a VIP lounge area.

Event Theme in Dubai

6. Weigh Other Event Elements – Caterings, Giveaways, Graphic Representation with the selected theme

The event theme in Dubai should influence everything from your meeting logo to your catering & snacks. Event attendees must be able to glance at components & collateral in a large conference center with multiple conferences occurring at once and know which ones are yours merely by scanning. Your conference theme must be matchable with all visual aspects of your event including logos, apparel, giveaways, and other graphic representations of your event.

7. Link your event with the season

Depending on what time of the year your event is being held, you must link your event theme in Dubai with the season. Christmas, Easter, Eid, Diwali and Halloween are always popular themes you can select if your event is going to be held around these festivals.

Best 10 services a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai

Sharing borders with Abu Dhabi in the South, Sharjah in the Northeast and the Sultanate of Oman in the South – East, Dubai is the place of royalty; marriages also take place in a royal manner here. There are a lot of services a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai. The luxury hotels in Dubai pose not only as beautiful wedding locations but interesting pre-wedding functions’ venues as well. Hence, marriages conducted in this place are expected to be grand and impeccable too.  Let’s check out the services a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai:

1. Wedding Themes:

There are a variety of ways to decorate wedding venues, but a popular choice to help bring inspiration is picking a wedding theme, it’s one of the finest services a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai. Not only does it give you and your partner a chance to showcase your unique style, a wedding theme can be creatively used in your invitations, place cards, menus, table centerpieces, wedding cakes and many more.

If you have to make wedding arrangements in Dubai in a short period of time & you are unsure about your theme or your décor, contact Promo Events. We have collected some of the most unique wedding themes, from retro-style weddings to weddings inspired from the couple’s favorite TV show.  The chosen theme is incorporated in every part of the ceremony, and we use interesting and unexpected decorations to pull it off.

2. Invitation Cards:

Helping you select an invitation card design is another service a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai. A wedding function has no meaning if it is not attended by a healthy number of guests to experience the expenditure it has consumed. All of your efforts are repaid if your family and friends appear on your event and praise your efforts and the function. In order to attract your guests to arrive, what you need is a beautiful invitation card that gives them a glimpse of what the event would be like. Dubai wedding event planners can show you range of invitation card themes: 

  • Theme Based Cards: These cards basically adapt the theme of your event and are accordingly designed to give a match up of the whole occasion. If it’s a wedding and you have selected a beige-white combination for it, then the invitation card would also be designed in the same pattern.
  • Scroll Invitation Cards: It is a classic pattern of extending the invitations as used in the older times. It is a good choice in case of wedding invitation.
  • In-Box Cards: The new style of sending invitation to your guests is coming-up with these in-box cards, which are placed inside a box along with some sweets or any other item that is being given as a gesture of affection.
  • Odd-Shaped Cards: These are the cards designed in odd shapes that are unusual to be seen. It might be in a shape of a leaf, flower-petal, music-disc, collage or any other shape you can think of.
  • Photo Cards: A photo card is the one which has the picture of the couple getting married.

Invitation Card Services a wedding event company can offer you in DubaiImage Courtesy: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/9a/72/b6/9a72b63c174477e0a82b3cf862cccb3e.jpg

3. Mehendi/Makeup Artists:

Another service a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai is helping you select the best mehendi as well as makeup artist for your big day. They have contacts with many makeup artists, and they can suggest you the best one keeping your choice, budget and wedding theme in mind. Makeup artists in Dubai have hands-on creativity in terms of kryolan as well as airbrush wedding makeup.

Wedding planners in Dubai maintain good contacts with mehendi artists having expertise from Indian mehendi designs, Moroccan designs, Tattoo designs, Dubai famous Arabic Mehendi design to Indo – Arabic Mehendi design. Event Planners help you make arrangements for pre-wedding pampering as well.

 4. Hotel bookings for guest visits

Once the date of marriage is fixed & the guest lists become final, it’s time to book hotels in advance to save money & trouble. This is one of the crucial services a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai.  They book rooms early and provide you solution within your budget. Their expertise & experience help you in chalking out discounted priced hotels during wedding season. They research hotels within 5-10 km range of your wedding area to accommodate your guests. They also help you find hotels that can provide blocks to make your guests feel like home. Dubai Event planners also work on other benefits like complimentary breakfast or drinks with rooms to get more advantage. They arrange ready snacks & easy transportation besides good hotel accommodation to make your guests feel privileged & honored. Apart from that, they also do other important arrangements like:

  • Finalizing venues for pre – wedding and wedding functions.

Some of them are Bab Al Shams, Atlantis The Palm Hotel The Crowne Plaza, Conrad Dubai. They also suggest you innumerable exotic resorts like Radisson BluHilton Fujairah ResortCove Rotana ResortDanat Al Ain Resort Hotel  and Asfar Resorts at famous places – FujairahRas Al Khaimah & Al Ain.

  • Deciding décor for every pre- wedding function like Haldi, Mehendi, Ladies Sangeet, Chooda Ceremony, etc.

Dubai event planners usually prefer traditional & casual décor for these functions, that’s why lawns are best to opt in order to have vivacious look & feel on these lovely occasions. They suggest adding bright colored fabric for decoration that not only give the event exotic & festive flair but also add warmth & intimacy among family & friends.

Using color palettes also make venue cosy & welcoming for the guests. For more drama, they suggest matching the table & chair runners with the color of drapery, add gaddas as a part of seating arrangement, throw brightly colored tiny pillows too. In order to make the space more ethnic as well as cheerful, use traditional flowers like Marigold, Gerberas and Jasmine. Rangoli & Traditional urli can also be used to create fascinating entrance. Rangoli can be made using flowers or powdered colors. Give a dress theme to all your pals and siblings like: Yellow for Haldi, Green for Mehendi, Red for Choora Ceremony and Orange for Ladies Sangeet.

Guest Arrangement services a wedding event company can offer you in DubaiImage Courtesy: www.wedmegood.com

Light, Sound and Entertainment Arrangements.

Dubai Event Planners usually invite talented Shehnai, Dholak & Tabla players for these traditional functions. You can also sparkle the function by adding wind chimes to the venue, if it’s happening in a open space. They also help you make arrangements for LED lights, Laser showsFireworks, Tribute Acts, Cabaret Acts, Live Bands and Celebrity Appearances. On wedding day, they help you make arrangements for reception music, dinner entertainment, lighting and dance floors.

Introduce new innovations to create WOW effect from Pre-wedding functions to Bridal entrance to wedding lunches & dinners:

  • New funky concepts for pre-wedding functions: For your pre-wedding functions, you can keep fun photo booths; make arrangements for temporary tattoo engraving for all the guests, you can ask guests to write for marriage advice, you can also keep special flip flops for your pre wedding functions etc.
  • Unique Bridal Entrance Ideas: Dubai event planners also suggest unique ideas for bridal entrance towards wedding venue likes: Chaddar with lights, Ramp entrance, Bride coming in horse drawn carriage, Palki entrance or family members holding phuljhadis and sparklers.
  • Flash Mob wedding surprises by bridesmaid / Marriage proposal surprise at Airport, Cinema Hall or a Mall: Flash Mob Wedding Surprises in Dubai are entertaining to watch; they leave us smiling, crying or cringing.

Services a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai with Flashmobs

Image Courtesy: http://www.theknotnews.com/bridesmaids-surprise-bride-and-groom-with-flash-mob-wedding-dance-484

  • Wedding in the skies on Burj Al Arab Helipad: If you are set to take your love to a higher level, then exchanges vows at 212 meters above sea level. Burj Al Arab, the sail shaped hotel in the Middle East has raised the stakes of the excitement of getting married to a much higher level. Dubai’s seven star hotel is offering an opportunity to say “I DO” to your loved one on their iconic helipad which rises at 212 meters above the azure Arabian Gulf.
  • Exotic Yatch Weddings: Book your wedding on yacht and let your close ones witness your special moments in the middle of the calm, deep blue sea. Dubai wedding event planners arrange the whole event in a customized way including décor, food.
  • Beach weddings at Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah & Spectacular desert weddings: Enjoy Beach weddings at exotic locations of Dubai with backdrop of Sea. Enjoy Desert weddings at Al Maha, luxury collection desert resort & spa.
  • Gravity defying dinner arrangements in the sky: The gravity- defying dinner is offered for a limited time during the festive season, with the crane to be set within the Habtoor Grand Resort, Autograph Collection in Dubai. This wedding style is best if you are tieing a knot among small gatherings.
  • Book wedding night room under water: This is one of the unique services a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai. The acclaimed Atlantis Resort Hotel in Dubai has two underwater suites; the Poseidon and the Neptune. Your perfect watery hide-away has floor-to-ceiling windows looking out into the Ambassador Lagoon, which holds 65,000 marine animals, from the master bedrooms and bathrooms creating the illusion of being under sea. This room is perfect to enjoy your first wedding night.

Hotel Booking Services a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai

ImageCourtesy: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2015/04/23/16/27E7BF0B00000578-3052307-image-a-85_1429803094369.jpg

5. Cinematography – Pre wedding Shoot, Videos and Photographs:

Cinematography is one of the important services a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai.  If the wedding planner is tasked with planning and orchestrating a seamless, gorgeous event, then the photographer is responsible for capturing the beauty and emotions of the day. In order to pull off a successful event, it’s essential that the photographer and wedding planner have a solid working relationship before, during, and after the wedding day itself.

Dubai wedding planners ensure you of having everlasting memories by capturing them into photographs and videos, so that you can enjoy them for years to come. Their goal is simply to capture the priceless moments in life to cherish and share. The professional teams have an eye for composure, the best equipment and deliver outstanding photos and videos that truly capture the moment.

Dubai is the shining star of the UAE offering everything your creative and adventurous mind can come up with for a pre-wedding shoot. From golden sand beaches to shimmering futuristic skyscrapers to manmade islands and boundless deserts, Dubai brings together elements from all around the world.

Some of the best and idealistic backdrop spots that are sure to capture the passion between you and your partner are Burj Khalifa, Al Barari, Madinat Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab Beach. You can trust the planners for photography and video requirements and they will give you great memories to enjoy forever.

Photography Services a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai

Image Courtesy: https://prologueweddings.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/141225-singapore-malay-arab-wedding-photography-liza-umar-024-600×400.jpg

6. Special Caterings

Catering is another exquisite and exotic service a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai. Dubai Event planners make sure that the food should be hygienic, full of taste and flavors. They maintain good contacts with marvelous wedding caterers in Dubai that take care of all the needs of their clients & leave a good impact on the people who come and attend the wedding.  They not only provide high quality delicious food to the people but the presentation of food is also their chief concern.

Dubai wedding caterers arrange both indoor as well as outdoor catering services. The indoor wedding catering services in Dubai serve the most tasty food and beverages. The wedding caterers are well trained to serve the delicious & yummy food to the people attending the wedding. These wedding caterers in Dubai are also capable of serving in the outdoor premises of the place. Whether the place is open or close, the food that is served is maintained in quality, flavor, and taste.

Dubai wedding caterers are tied up with mastered chefs & cooks. These chefs are marvelous at their work. They also provide a full team of workers at the event place. The Wedding Catering Services in Dubai are always kept in the top most categories as per priorities. The excellent and unique presentation of the food gives birth to the sudden want of tasting it. The people cannot resist from eating such beautifully presented tasty dishes ranging from Mughlai, Asian, European to Iranian.

 7. Bar Ideas

At a wedding, the guests take off time from their busy schedule, just to have a good time with family & friends. Bar is one of the services a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai. They do bar arrangements keeping full of great flavors that also look good. From a bar cart to occupying a tight corner, a lot of services a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai in terms of bar arrangement. To make the bar look more appealing and attractive, a creative set up is placed, so that guests can see how their drinks are being prepared. For example: If you are planning on serving lemonade or vodka lemonade, limes and lemons are displayed on the table or in simple boxes.

Men and women have different tastes when it comes to choosing a drink. So, wedding event planners in Dubai divide everything into two categories keeping likings of men and women in mind.

Theme Design Services a wedding event

Image Courtesy: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/b3/3a/af/b33aaf3034de9c3cad255f2c2aa93681.jpg

 8. Bridal outfit & Rental Jewellery

Finding right bridal outfit & rental jewellery is another service a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai.  Dubai wedding planners can take you to such shops or independent designers who have range of bridal outfits on offer and can customize the dress to help suit your frame and style. Be it Indian bridal outfit, European one or an Arabic one, you can find them all in Dubai. Dubai Event Planners also have good contacts with jewellers which help brides select matching jewellery as per their bridal outfit.

9. Floral Decorations for venue and Booking Groom’s Car

Dubai wedding planners also help you in servicing floral decorations. That’s another beautiful service a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai. Florists offer their best options suiting clients’ personal taste & style, also matching up with theme selection. Florists apply their creativity with respect to the venue décor, confirming it is accented with candelabras dripping with roses or flowerpots brimming with hydrangea and sweat peas. Discovering wonderful flowers & grasses that best suit your own personality and style, to creating an impression for your guests that will last a lifetime, Dubai florists do their work with the vigor of the client and vision of the wedding event.

Also, wedding planners in Dubai give a proper send off to newlywed couple with appropriate car décor having an understanding of aesthetics & good taste. This could be according to the interest of the couple, theme of the wedding, and latest trend of the society or something new and fresh.

In Dubai, Groom will always have the options to book super luxurious car of the world on his wedding, some of them are: Lamborghini, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Toyota Land Cruiser 2017, Nissan Sunny 2017, Bugatti Veyron, Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe, Bentley Mulsanne and Lexus LFA. If you want to return back to your place along with your newlywed wife  in a most exotic way, then you can book exotic cruise like: Seabourn Encore – Beautifully designed ship with a great choice of restaurants and generous outside space, Star Legend – Upscale, destination-driven yacht that visits off-the-beaten-path ports of call, Silver Spirit – Butler service for all, and some of the best cuisine at sea etc.

 Decoration Services a wedding event company can offer you in DubaiImage Courtesy: https://goo.gl/images/5gA78x

10. Honeymoon packages & Bookings:

Another service a wedding event company can offer you in Dubai is to help you select honeymoon destination from excellent range of Package Services. Wedding Event Planners in Dubai understand your requirements of travelling and offer you packages according to the budget, time, taste and safety of the couple. They understand everyone has different needs. They practically work for these needs to convert them into reality. Wedding event planners in Dubai craft such packages which enhance the beauty & depth of a relationship and at the same time, fulfill the holistic purpose of a honeymoon trip. Event planners have facilities for both luxury and budget tours that are reasonably priced. Clients can avail both standardized and custom-made packages as per their needs. Planners suggest most romantic and charming locations that leave the couple completely mesmerized, creating an unforgettable experience for them forever.