How to make Shell Scheme Octanorm Booth Stall attractive for your next exhibition in Dubai?

Shell Scheme Booths are an integral part of any Exhibition. A shell scheme octanorm booth stall is a modular system mostly used by exhibition organizers.  They are bought as a package, typically including carpet, lighting, grid ceiling, electrics & a fascia name board available in varied sizes. Mostly, Dubai event management companies use shell scheme Octanorm booth stalls for the client’s exhibition event.  They are a great option for companies with less money at hand, first-time exhibitors, or smaller events like conferences. However it’s not just smaller companies who opt shell scheme octanorm booth stall, but even big companies occupy them too.

For example : Barclaycard had opted small shell scheme octanorm booth stall at the BIBA Exhibition at the Excel Center in May 2013 and that was a successful show.

There are innumerable benefits for choosing Shell Scheme Octanorm Booth Stall over traditional customized stands. Here are few:

  • Reusability

  • Eco friendliness

  • Easy to assemble

  • Highly dynamic

  • Compatible with existing systems

  • Cost effective and cheap

  • Light weight

With the growing popularity of the modular designs in Dubai, use the given tips to stand out shell scheme octanorm booth stall for your next exhibition in Dubai.  Look at them!

With the growing popularity of the modular designs in Dubai, use the given tips to stand out shell scheme octanorm booth stall for your next exhibition in Dubai. Look at them!


1. Use Strong graphics:

Using strong graphics is one of the most effective ways to transform a shell scheme stand and to achieve standout from exhibiting neighbors. Strong graphics basically refers to clear, uncluttered messaging and images. Seamless graphics can make a small shell scheme stand look bigger in area because they present a decluttered image to the eye and as an added bonus they make your company look highly professional. The event’s official stand contractor or a specialist exhibition graphics company can advise and install for you. Each panel is assembled in a frame and unless you specify, you will be supplied with whatever the standard colored panels are for the show usually white or grey.

2. Add the flavor of Maxima Stand Designs


Maxima Stand Designs 2

If you wish to see diversity and elegance together in your octanorm boothstand, go for maxima stands. Maxima stands are VIP-class in modular systems with aesthetic lines, elegant appearance, unique design. “MAXIMA” is standard of premium class. In the exhibition industry, Maxima Stand Design is one of the new trends introduced by the German Octanorm prefabricated stand system. The basic element of the system used for a variable exhibition stand construction is a square – shaped supporting profile.

Maxima Stand Designs


Maxima Stand designs add uniqueness to your brand as they provide memorability in fair environment. Maxima is the outstanding ideal system for the reason that it is the system to reflect best special wood modules.


Maxima Stand Designs 3

Maxima Stand Designs create simple, yet sophisticated exhibition booth, without the need for carpentry, painting, or even tools. Furthermore, the intelligent design enables all types of accessories to be incorporated into the system. When you choose it, you take advantage of our years of experience, to create brand value for your company, by showcasing a respectable exhibition booth.


3. Use Hanger Banner:

This is one of the most prominent & beneficial options that make Shell Scheme Octanorm Booth Stall attractive for your next exhibition in Dubai. It easily gets hooked to the back wall & thereby minimizes the space utilization for smaller stalls. These banners are hassle free to be handled, they come in a roll form that you can hook to the top of the back wall panes & remove it once exhibition gets over without any efforts.

hanger banner


4. Use Magnetic Popup:

That’s again a great backdrop element to be used for your Shell Scheme Octanorm Booth Stall having high quality print and a handsome structure for visibility. Exhibition Stand Design Companies in Dubai use it as it is customized to the requirement with built- in shelves, brochure – holder etc. The Magnetic pop-up display systems add high impact to any presentation or exhibition stand. Pop Up displays provide maximum portability. These are available in Straight or Curved configurations. Magnetic Popups are unique portable units and easily compacted in a trolley bag, air bag etc.


5. Roll out the Red Carpet:

Changing the color of your shell scheme carpet is another simple but effective way to achieve standout for your Shell Scheme Octanorm Booth Stall. And the best part is it doesn’t cost a great deal to do this. Exhibition stand contractors in Dubai can offer you a range of standard carpet colors and you can order in advance directly from the Exhibitor Manual.

Red carpet Booth Stall


6. Add Color to Shell scheme Walls:

Shell scheme Octanorm booth stall is a kit and stands are built from individual panels (each of which is usually just under 1sqm in area). Each panel is assembled in a frame & unless you specify, you will be supplied with whatever the standard colored panels are for the show – usually grey or white. You can change the color of the panels if you organize this in advance. You can also just change the panels that edge the aisle or, all of the panels on one side of your stand or those along the back wall depending on where you plan to place your graphics, digital screens or exhibits. You can also change the color of your stand’s fascia and name board to match.


7. Use Furniture

This is another standard product that can be changed in a shell scheme Octanorm booth stall for your next exhibition in Dubai and you don’t need to hire from the official show contractor.  Simplicity and Accessibility are the chief advantages of modular stands. With minimal cost and time, you can bring your own furniture if you wish, however using a specialist contractor means that you will not have to worry about delivery and collection.

Promo Events helps you select the necessary furniture and other related services suiting your exhibiting requirements. Our specialized Modular stands are built by professional exhibition constructors of Octanorm and Maxima systems, which are made in Germany.


8. Go for Catalogue Stands:

Folding Catalogue stand is again a very effective medium for brochures/ leaflet display. They simply look great as a part of the stall. These Stands are easily carried in a bag and are set in minutes for last minute setups. Exclusive range of Catalogue Stands can be used for displaying various kinds of books, CD’s, cards etc. These can be constructed with 3 aluminum framework and acrylic shelves for easy transportation.

Folding Catalogue Stand


9. Set up Podium/Counters:

There are various counters & podiums available in the market that can be used at reception for product displays & again they provide a great visibility to the brand. Every podium & counter is portable and easy to set up.  One can book display podiums with or without graphics along with a full line of accessories (specific models). You can also find custom counters & podiums along with traditional stationary lecterns for other venues.


10. Go for Fabrication option:

Fabrication is another way to make your shell scheme octanorm booth stall attractive. You can cover up your shell scheme walls with branding or elements to make the stall look unique. Even if they are one time setup, still they are highly effective medium for exposure in the exhibitions.


11. Choose Aluminum Based Designs:

A shell scheme Octanorm booth stall made out of aluminum provides amazing potential to change the size, look and feel of the booth stand depending on which show you are attending. Even if you are dealing with a global program, this flexible approach can be used to substantially reduce costs.

Aluminium Based Design

In the field of exhibition building systems, Promo Events offers flexible & robust aluminum systems of the highest quality. The range comprises a variety of accessories that can be used to efficiently & effectively realize walls as well as, rooms, floors, lighting frames and double-deck stands.


12. Choose Hybrid Schemes:

Suppose you are planning to take part in an exhibition with a national stand, or group of companies, then you need the stands designed according to a modular or hybrid scheme.

Hybrid Schemes


13. Use Variety of Accessories:

You can incorporate various accessories like: Countertops, stands, cabinets, shelves, rack, light boxes, signs, windows and billboards nicely into any of your shell scheme Octanorm booth stall. These accessories effectively support your demand for a creative, unique, and memorable design, with dynamic curvature, to help you successfully market your company.

Promo Events Octanorm Modular Designs promise high quality flexible exhibition & trade shows solutions.  This concept enables tailor made designs and builds almost anything, be it exhibitor stands or full Pavilions. Octanorm stand design system has the flexibility to construct exhibition stands in any configuration with the minimum of 2m by 1m. In a standard Booth, we provide a complete package: One rectangular or round table l Two chairs l Two spotlight 100/80 w l One power socket 13 amp and fascia name.

Our Octanorm and Maxima systems ensure high quality and flexible options for your next expo. We help you design and build almost anything, from exhibitor booths to art galleries and even beyond.

8 Innovative Event Tech Trends In Dubai

As technology continues to connect people and engage them in valuable interactions, it’s a no surprising fact that the event industry has started leveraging experiential technology to facilitate greater attendee engagement. While UAE is constantly pushing itself to be the hub for the technology worldwide, event tech trends in Dubai is shaping the future of event planning. With the advanced event trends, Dubai event management companies are continually changing the perspective how the attendees are viewed. Event technology helps event planning companies in Dubai to view event crowd not as a passive audience but as engaged participants. Given are some of the biggest event tech trends in Dubai that are leading the way and making an impact on Event Industry:

  1. Real Time Event Management using Cloud based software:

Social media has integrated into our lives deeply and with that everyone has an open platform, to communicate their experiences. Because of this, corporate event management companies in Dubai have become more concerned about attendee satisfaction than ever before. Attendee satisfaction is the reflection of how valuable, well-planned and managed an event is.

Radio frequency identification technology & beacons technology make it easy to collect attendee data in real-time and event production companies in Dubai can adjust to traffic patterns and more.  Event management software that is cloud based and mobile friendly is a new event tech trend in Dubai ensuring that changes can be made on the fly and viewed by those essential to the planning and implementation. This allows event planners to seamlessly plan their event & make sure nothing falls through the cracks or gets miscommunicated.

Adapting & making the necessary changes in real-time allows for a more seamless, positive experience for attendees. Ideally, innovative event planners utilize web-based event management software that can be used on many devices and in collaboration with people in real-time.

  1. Digital Swag Bags

As the green movement is taking a strong hold on the events industry, event management companies in Dubai are trying to find ways to reduce waste during their event. One of the most efficient & economical ways to reduce waste is to eliminate the traditional event swag bag and replace it with a digital swag bag. Rather than carrying a heavy bag throughout the event, attendees will receive a digital swag bag via email, text, app or a link on your site. Not only this option is green, but by being digital, it is also measurable. Attendees must be compelled to take advantage of the offers, view the content and so on. When the contents of the bag are targeted and marketed correctly, the exhibitors and sponsors will see a return. There is a strong opportunity to immerse the attendees in an experience and engage them in interactions; that can live on social media long after the event is over.

  1. Crowd Streaming

Live streaming is another event tech trend in Dubai.  Social media based live streaming has introduced “crowd streaming.” No longer event attendees need expensive software and equipment to broadcast their experiences at events. All event attendees require is to merely have a smartphone to share their experiences in real time. Apps like Periscope and social media features such as Facebook Live put the power of live streaming into the hands of your event attendees. The organic feeling of personal live streams opens the door for more interested and engaged viewers. Open up the spotlight on your events this year and encourage crowd streaming.


Crowd streaming

Image Courtesy:


  1. Email & Marketing automation

Email…really? Yes, it is! With social networks’ growth slowing (even declining) and the rise of messaging apps (which are hard to use as a marketing tool), email is once again being seen as a new event tech trend in Dubai to be the part of any organizers’ promotional plan. What can really make it stand out is to use it in conjunction with marketing automation software like Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, and Eloqua. Marketing automation enables you to send more personalized, relevant and effective emails to prospective attendees, giving you the technology to move away from spammy broadcast email practices, towards a more value-led approach.

  1. Wearable Technology

Event marketers are always looking for new ways to upgrade experiences & measure their impact. And these days, wearable technology is quickly becoming one of the most innovative event tech trends in Dubai. From Fitbits and smart glasses to wristbands and even tracking devices, wearable technology has the power to do everything from providing biometric data on attendees during an event to reducing time spent waiting in line. If you have an event marketing goal, chances are there is a wearable that will help you achieve it.  A recent study estimates the wearable market will be worth $34 billion by 2020.

Wearable Sports Tech watch
Wearable Sports Tech watch

Image Courtesy:


Here are four of the latest wearable technology options and their potential uses at events.

  • Snapchat Spectacles

The smart glasses, which look more like a colorful pair of shades, allow the wearer to capture memories from their personal perspective.

  • Oculus Touch

The devices intuitively mirror the user’s hand gestures, helping to further immerse them in the virtual world. What gives them an edge is their ability to detect the smallest hand movement, right down to pointing a finger or giving the thumbs up sign.

  • The Camo Collective

From fitness experiences to outdoor events and beyond, items from the Camo Collective have the ability to provide consumers with seamless, tech-driven experiences without the need for bulky equipment or how-to tutorials.

  • Intel Curie Module

The devices measure heart rate and variability, brain wave activity and include a microphone to monitor breathing rates. Combined, the setup offers real-time feedback on the wearer’s stress levels.

  1. Facial Recognition Tool

Facial recognition tool is another event tech trend in Dubai that provides flexible biometric verification. It is a powerful technology being used by corporate event management companies in Dubai serving a broad spectrum of security applications. Facial recognition software has the ability to help detect threats more efficiently than relying on standard video surveillance and security personnel. Facial recognition software is able to determine the moods of event attendees as well as cross-referencing faces with criminal databases, looking for signs of potential dangers to your event.  Face scanning biometric tech is incredibly versatile and this is reflected in its wide range of potential applications.


Facial Recognition Tool
Facial Recognition Tool

Image Courtesy:

  1. Virtual Reality

No matter what theme Event Management Companies in Dubai are choosing, Virtual Reality is another relatively new form of technology that can change the future of events. Virtual information booths are a new event tech trend in Dubai, mostly found at meetings and conferences. Virtual reality is a three dimensional, completely computer generated environment. Usually, users need to wear a Virtual Reality headset & may also need compatible gloves or handsets to be able to effectively interact with this world. The virtual event space brings plenty of opportunity for co-branding and partnerships. A deeper level of immersion can bring a deeper level of engagement. Subsequently, this leads to lots of opportunities for sponsorship and branding. The ability to live stream VR content straight to viewers’ social feeds also makes it easier for that branding to reach a broader audience in real-time. VR is a perfect way to up attendee engagement during event ceremonies.

  1. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is another event tech trend in Dubai different from virtual reality. Rather than transforming the user’s world entirely, it alters particular aspects of the environment they are already in.  Augmented reality is the combination of both computer generated elements as well as the reality to create an augmented world. With augmented reality, viewers interact with computer generated overlays as they move within the real world.



6 tips to improve audience engagement in your next exhibition in Dubai

Having an engagement audience in your exhibition in Dubai is important.Exhibiting at trade shows is one of the commendable ways in which a business can look for new customers & expand their business. Right from visibility to establishing credibility, trade show comes with many benefits for businesses.The trade show helps to engage with new audience, reach out to existing clientele and leave a mark of their own among competitors.

Over the past few years, businesses have started conducting their exhibitions in Dubai.  Dubai is one of the famous cities of United Arab Emirates having different people from different countries. Many exhibition events are held in Dubai for different purposes. Most of the exhibitions are held at Dubai World Trade Center. Various exhibition companies in Dubai like Promo Events help outsiders to organize their exhibition event in the best way.

Businesses can make most of their next exhibition in Dubai by focusing on two key things: Attracting visitors to the booth stand & interacting with them. If you get it right you can expect new connections, increased conversions and plenty of new business leads. Here are few smart tips that you must follow while organizing your next exhibition in Dubai to improve audience engagement along with good return on investment.

1.Launch an app to enhance engagement:

You can expect a built- in audience for targeted messages, promotions & other day of happenings that can be extremely valuable in touting sponsor activations by encouraging sponsors, attendees and speakers to download your event app ahead of time.  Have a sponsor hosting a workshop for your next exhibition in Dubai? Remind app users about running time to take away those giveaways? Make sure engagement app for exhibitionthese key attendees know time is ticking and more importantly, know where to go to take advantage of the offer and engage with your sponsor. Install in-built features in app in order to allow sponsors to easily distribute freebies and attract attendees.

Image Courtesy:

2. Create a wide contest to drive massive traffic to exhibitors’ booths

While planning trade show contests and games in your next exhibition in Dubai, choose the right engaging activity for you and your brand. Below, are some of the most popular, engaging and fun contest and game ideas that best exhibition design companies in Dubai mostly suggest for your next exhibition in Dubai?

Prize Wheels

Prize wheels are always considered as a fun way to attract people to your booth stands. A large & colorful prize wheel attracts attention at a bustling trade show and can help create a game show atmosphere. It is important for participants to have a good time, but more important is that they remember your brand with a memorable giveaway after the show is over. Make sure you include one grand prize, such as a cash reward, gift card to a local top – rated restaurant whenever you set up your prize wheel.

Trivia Game

From the barroom to the livingroom, everyone enjoys a good game of trivia. Make your trivia questions specific to your particular business or industry, so that visitors can learn about your company while having fun. Design your trivia game to follow the format of popular trivia gameshows. Include questions about your brand, industry and convention to educate contestants on your product, service or capabilities. Have prizes for both correct and incorrect answers so that everyone is a winner.

Counting Contest

For a classic contest, fill a clear container with marbles, pennies, jellybeans or something that relates to your company or industry. Instruct attendees for guessing number of items available in the jar. Attendees can submit their estimates on the back of their business cards by giving their contact information & becoming a lead for your sales team to follow up with post-show. Advise your staffers to utilize the counting game as an icebreaker when they approach passersby. Use marbles, candies or coins having your company logo printed on them. It reinforces your brand messaging.

Jumbo Games

Suppose you are looking for in-booth activities that will have a supersized impact on the show floor, jumbo games must be at the top of the list. Be it a giant chess board, Malpractice (giant operation board) or a huge Jenga set, attendees will flock to your booth to try their hand at your larger than life games. Before you pack & head to your event, make sure each & every piece you need for your game is accounted for. One needs to familiarize himself with the rules of game before the show to eliminate confusion and ambiguous judgments calls. Interact with spectators & encourage them to “cheer on” participants.

Photo Contests

With the rise in smartphones, it seems that everyone is a photographer, which is why photo contests have become popular promotional tactics. Photo contest is the best way to gain exposure on social media for your next exhibition in Dubai by encouraging guests to upload their contest entries to their social media profiles. Create a hashtag for contest participants to tag to their social media posts. At the end of the day, declare a winning photo & invite the lucky attendee to collect their prize. Add a photo booth to your exhibit & make sure to provide plenty of props.

3. Go for mixed displays

From bold to beautiful, over the years, the consumers have probably seen it all. However, the effort must be to present yourself to your customers in such a way that you can successfully stand out & be appealing. This is where a un-booth can help you. Convert your mundane booth into a place where attendees would love to hang out & relax. They are more likely to engage with you if they can feel comfortable in their surroundings rather than feel the constant stretch of formality. Moreover, make sure your logo and the brand name are bright & clearly visible, so that you can leave a long lasting impression about your existence in their mind. You should not be difficult for them to recall once they walk out of the show. During your next exhibition in Dubai, it is important for you to look at what you are offering from the perspective of your customer. You must select that exhibition design company in Dubai who puts your brand into your attendees’ shoes and think what you would need to invariably be attracted to your own booth.

Also consider sending third-party vendor recommendations tied to booth decor, AV integration, design add ons & more. Be sure to choose those exhibition stand contractors in Dubai with whom you or your sponsors have worked with in the past who have specific experience creating compelling booth/exhibit build outs. If current partners don’t have time to focus on their event presence, these pros can take charge and deliver a finished product that gets results.

Will the new GST Policy deal a body blow to India’s MICE and Events Industry?

India’s biggest tax reform Goods & Services Tax (GST) from is now a reality. A comprehensive dual Goods and Services Tax (GST) has replaced the complex multiple indirect tax structure from 1 July 2017. GST is a destination based tax, levied on the consumption of goods and services. GST is collected at all stages right from manufacture up to final consumption with credit of taxes paid at previous stages available as setoff. In short, only value addition is taxed and its burden is borne by the final consumer.

While economy’s biggest reforms are coming into place, it is also badly affecting MICE & Events Industry. Below are few reasons why GST is affecting the entire budget involved in MICE planning & execution. Take a look!

1.High Accommodation Costs

GST rates for a hotel stay in India would depend on the tariff rates. It would be 12% rate for hotels with tariff of Rs 1,000 to 2,500 per day. Hotels with tariff of Rs 2,500 to Rs 7,500 would be charged under 18 per cent bracket. GST for hotels with tariff above Rs 75,00 will be 28 per cent. Hotels with tariffs of Rs 7500 and above are the ones which usually have large convention centres. Some hotels organizing MICE events have kept tariffs < Rs 7500, but an extra bed in a room with much lower room tariffs is also going to attract a tax of 28%.

High accommodation cost will certainly have an adverse effect on the MICE and Events industry, particularly for the mid & high category hotels which will fall under the 18 and 28 % GST rate. With most hotels being close to the national highways in Kerala, businesses were already hit with the Supreme Court ruling on liqour ban. Now, GST has made the situation worse.


2.High Restaurant costs

This implies consumers have to analyze whether they are visiting a restaurant with air conditioner or just a regular non-ac food joint. The service tax rates at restaurants in 5-star, 7-star hotels is much higher at 28 per cent. Check out Indian Express article to know deeply about GST rates prevailing for Restaurants.


3.Expensive Business Class air travel & AC First Class train travel

Economy class air travel will become cheaper with tax rate fixed at 5 percent against the existing 6 per cent, under the upcoming goods and services tax (GST) regime from 1 July. However, for those willing to travel business class, tickets will become expensive because the tax will go up from 9 percent to 12 percent.  AC and first-class train travel also has become a little expensive after the GST because service tax has been increased from 4.5 percent to 5 per cent. From the above scenario, it is evident that personal travelling for Delegates and Speakers are going to be increased.

4.Expensive entertainment Shows

MICE and Events Industry is not just about conferences and meetings, but it’s more about entertainment. MICE tours generally range from 3 days to 10 days.  During MICE tours,  after attending events in day time, every one feels like going out, watching movies or visiting some new places to relax.  GST has brought mixed effect on the entertainment industry, depending on the states. For states which already had high entertainment tax, GST is beneficial as it has reduced the prices for the end consumers. However, GST has highlighted negative effect on states which already have a low entertainment tax.  Take a look at some of the GST rates for innumerable entertainment shows:

Rates for MICE and Events IndustryHotels across India have started getting cancellation requests for hosting MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) events. They have become an expensive affair since the GST rates kicked in on July 1 2017.


MICE event planners are now preferring to organize their MICE tours in Dubai with the organisers coming around to the view that footing the goods & services tax (GST) rate of 28% for the event is way too much than booking hotels in Dubai.


Here are few reasons why MICE and Events Industry is looking forward to organize their MICE tours in Dubai:


1.Conveniently connected through flights

Have you ever looked at world map? If you will see minutely, it becomes apparent why Dubai is the ideal place to conduct meeting of global delegates. Within MICE and Events industry , Dubai is the first choice.  Its location between east & west makes it the perfect gateway to emerging markets across the Middle East, Asia and Africa. As it stands, one third of the world’s population is within a four – hour flight and two thirds are within an eight-hour flight.  From India, Dubai is approximately 3 hours, 15 minutes far and around 12 direct flights services are available on a daily basis, that’s why. You can find cheap tickets on Indigo, Air India, Vistara etc. if bookings are managed to be done five – six months before the event.

MICE and Events Industry in Dubai

2.Better places for sightseeing

New tourist destinations in Dubai are constantly emerging for conference delegates to visit. It began with the most luxurious hotel – The Burj Al Arab, then a palm-shaped artificial peninsula; then a world famous tallest building on the planet –The Burj Khalifa and now new places from exotic parks to splendid buildings have topped the list within MICE and Events Industry.

In the recent years, Dubai has positioned itself for cosmopolitan yet charming destinations like Dubai Opera House, Nikki Beach, Bollywood Park, Palm Jumeirah Board Walk etc.

Sightseeing places for MICE and Events Industry

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 3.Better Infrastructure

Dubai currently has around 90,000 hotel rooms in over 600 establishments, many of which are considered to be the best in the world. It is also worth noting that the way Arabic people treat their guests is commendable.  You can find spotlessly clean roads with serene green beauty around. The flyovers and highways are second to none and greatly contribute to Dubai’s legendary lifestyle and aesthetic while reducing traffic jams, providing ease of access, and assisting the safety of those behind the wheel.  That’s why, these days Dubai is preferable MICE destination within MICE and Events Industry.


4.Dubai – A tax Free Country, introducing VAT on 1 January 2018 at a minimal percentage of 5%

Dubai is a famous destination for expats from all across the globe, not just for the opportunities it promises but also for the lure of living a ‘tax-free’ life. However recently, the UAE Minister of State for Financial Affairs, Mr. Obaid Humaid Al Tayer has stated that the UAE will implement VAT at the rate of 5% on 1 January 2018.

Eventing Experience for MICE and Events Industry

According to Khaleej Times,  VAT is expected to be introduced at a rate of 5% with some limited exceptions including basic food items, healthcare and education. The UAE is planning to implement VAT on 1 January 2018 – other GCC countries may do so at the same time or by 1 January 2019 at the latest.

 5.Outstanding Entertainment

As a melting pot of different cultures and lifestyles, Dubai offers a wide variety of high – end entertainment acts for MICE trips within the city. If you would like to give your function a traditional edge, Dubai’s fantastic Oud players and singers are certain to entertain with their vast repertoire of Arabic music, performed on both an acoustic and an electric Oud. Likewise,  Dubai based belly dancers  captivate guests as they perform not only belly dancing but also tanoura, sword, stick, shamadan and khaleegy dances. To make your event stand out and also leave guests with a memento along with cherished memories, you can also opt for a caricaturist to capture their likeness in a hilarious way, in either paper or digital form. Similarly, a photo booth is a great way to engage attendees and market your company long after the event, offering high quality prints and a selection of props for that special fun touch. In order to truly give the occasion the wow factor, original and exciting entertainment like fabulous LED violin quartet is the way to go. They give powerful, incredible performances with LED instruments, impressive costumes, and a spectacular stage presence.

Entertainment on MICE ad Events Industry

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6.Excitement among participants for UAE travel, especially belonging to developing countries like India

You can find conference delegates more excited while travelling to Dubai as it’s a developed country with great infrastructure, facilities and sightseeing. Delegates who would be coming from developing countries like India, would be much happier because there is no deny to the fact that the kind of entertainment shows and world class luxury is available in Dubai is simply incomparable to anywhere in the world.

Within MICE and Events Industry,  Dubai has become leading destination for conference delegates.  In this multicultural city, there are multitude talented MICE event planners; one of them is Promo Events, offering professional MICE services with numerous attractive locations and event venues for exclusive groups. Every group size is assisted with travel services, including transportation and accommodation. Being an experienced event management company, we offer you full advantage of our extensive knowledge, expertise and resources.