Top 10 Exhibition Centres Worldwide

Exhibitions serve as an influential platform for industry experts, professionals and companies to come together, share information and build long lasting business relationships. In established economies, exhibitions are a vital part of product marketing, along with direct selling, advertising, direct mail and the internet.  Exhibitions provide an unparalleled and ideal opportunity to showcase products and services to a highly targeted audience.  Choosing the exhibition centre is of the utmost importance in order to maximize the business benefits. Here is a list of best exhibition centres worldwide.

1. Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre

The Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre (DICEC), also known as Dubai World Trade Center is the most modern, purpose – built exhibition centre of Middle Centre. DWTC is a multifaceted convention venue that offers an adaptable and accommodating space of 60,000 sq meters. Having been designed and equipped with the latest technological equipment and state-of-the-art facilities, the DICEC is perfectly capable enough to host any kind of exhibition. The exhibition center is conveniently located and is tailor made to fit the requirements of the visitors as well as exhibitors. Dubai convention & exhibition center has over 1 million square feet of venue space and consists of its 8 DICEC halls, 4 Sheikh Saeed Halls, Sheikh Rashid Hall, Sheikh Maktoum Hall, Za’abeel Hall, Al Zaheyah Ballroom, Al Multaqua Ballroom, 3 Majlis, press room and Bubble Lounge.


2. Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

Pragiti Maidan

Pragati Maidan, situated at Mathura Road, is a vast exhibition centre of Delhi. With an exhibit area of 150 acres, it serves as an important attraction of Delhi. It is a huge complex housing well-paved roads, lawns, gardens and eating outlets. Having 16 halls in total, Pragati Maidan is known to host about 70 national as well as international conventions and exhibitions throughout the year. One of the most sought out events organized here is The Indian International Trade Fair (IITF), which also happens to be the largest event with an approximate footfall of about 10,000 exhibitors and around 30,00,000 visitors every year.

It covers an area of about 72,000 sqm comprising various halls and open grounds. Pragati Maidan houses 16 halls spread across the area of 61,290 sqm with an open area of 10,000 sqm. This place has four key entrances, a conference room, air conditioned auditorium, a press lounge and business information centre. A number of restaurants, post office and banks are also a part of this huge complex.

3. Messe Frankfurt Exhibition Center, Germany

The Messe Frankfurt Exhibition Center is situated in the heart of downtown Frankfurt. It is a bustling event site that hosts over 100 showcase events each year. Covering 578,000 square metres,The Messe Frankfurt complex is home to two Congress Centers, ten exhibition halls, and a convention space, making it one of the largest exhibition destinations in the world. Since the Messe Frankfurt Exhibition Center and Trade Fair Grounds opened, the popular event destination has played host to an array of celebrated world events, including the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Frankfurt Book Fair, the ACHEMA engineering congress, and the exclusive international Automotive Engineering Show exhibition.

4. Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore

Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore

The Changi Exhibition Centre (CEC) is a multi-dimensional facility built on a sprawling 30 hectare site at Changi Coast Road. It’s a large exhibition center capable of meeting all the requirements of national as well as international conventions, large scale public and trade exhibitions as well as specialized events.

The 40,000 sqm exhibition hall boasts an impressive outdoor display area of 100,000 sqm & is fully air conditioned. The center is set against the backdrop of a beautiful seafront. Changi Exhibition Centre offers enormous versatility to organize events requiring both outdoor exhibits & activities. With its unique location along the coast, this site is ideal for events relating to the automotive, aviation, sporting, marine as well as lifestyle industries.

5. The New Zealand International Convention Center

The New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC), located in the heart of Auckland City, makes it one of the best exhibition centres in the world. Designed collaboratively alongside event industry experts, the NZICC is a vertically stacked, flexible and modern building, creating a hub of innovation and positive exchange integrated into the fabric of a vibrant city. Uniquely positioned to make each exhibition a memorable experience, the NZICC will offer an integrated atrium and public laneway encouraging networking and enhancing the delegate experience within a city full of excitement and sophistication, with hotel rooms, dining precincts, shopping and entertainment all within 10 minutes of walking distance. Configurable spaces presenting opportunities for a wide range of events with intimate meeting spaces on all levels, pre-function capacity for 2,700 people, convention capacity for 3,150 and one-off events for 4,000. The NZICC is capable of hosting conferences of around 3, 000 people and one – off events of around 4, 000 people with 24 meeting rooms.

6. New York Expo Centre, USA

New York Expo Centre

The New York Expo Centre boasts an amazing 10-acre venue space located directly on the East River Waterfront. The New York Expo Centre is a perfect place to host any large scale event, festival or concert featuring 90,000 sq feet interior space with a 45,000 sq foot main event space,. New York Expo Center offers unique branding and promoting opportunities as well as an easily recognizable landmark for your guests. This unique venue is perfect for festivals with its dual indoor/outdoor staging options, huge waterfront lawn as well as an interior space that’s longer than a football field. New York Expo Centre is also fully bordered and contains two entrances/exits with security booths.

7. Brisbane exhibition & convention centre, Australia

The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) is a purpose – built convention centre and event venue in the heart of South Bank. Brisbane exhibition & convention centre has a pillar-less floor space of 30,000 square metre, making it the largest such space in the southern hemisphere, allowing it to host thousands of large exhibitions, some which are held each year. The world-class and award-winning facility plays host to thousands of concerts, conventions, exhibitions and tradeshows, weddings and private functions every year. The centre is also home to Olio Café & Bar and Merivales Café Bar & Restaurant. Having the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre by your side gives you 21 years of unmatched experience in hosting successful conferences.

8. Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre,                 Moscow

Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre

Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre is one of the Moscow’s venues to host some conferences & exhibitions. It is situated in East Administrative District directly in Sokolniki Park for Leisure and Recreation. Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre is one of the oldest exhibition sites & the first exhibition center to start exhibition industry in Russia. Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre is located not so far from the centre of Moscow, near the highways and Sokolniki metro station. This provides convenient access for visitors. Our complex consists of 10 pavilions that meet the highest international standards, with a total area of 27,300 square metres. Besides that, there are 17 000 square meters of additional open area for the installation of mobile halls and organizing outdoor events. Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre offers rental of exhibition space for conferences, exhibitions, corporate events and so on. Well designed modern infrastructure, high service quality and convenient location in the heart of Sokolniki Park distinguishes our exhibition centre, which is one of the most popular Moscow venues for events.

9. Coex Convention & Exhibition Centre, Seoul, Korea

Coex Convention & Exhibition Centre in Seoul is Korea’s venue of choice. Established in 1979, Coex provides more than 20 years of experience and know-how in the local MICE industry. Coex Convention & Exhibition Centre is located in the heart of Seoul’s business district, Gangnam & hosts a yearly average of 200 exhibitions and over 2,000 separate meetings and events. Coex consists of 4 main exhibition halls and 54 dividable meeting rooms. Asia’s largest shopping mall, the city’s only airport terminal, three 5-star hotels, two top theaters, three multinational office skyscrapers are included in on-site accommodations. All your needs – be they shopping, business, entertainment or culture – are met right under one roof of Coex infrastructure.

10. Indonesia Convention Exhibition

ICE is one of the biggest convention and exhibition centre of Indonesia. Indonesia convention & exhibition centre is located at Bumi Serpong DamaiTangerang District of the greater Jakarta region, Indonesia. ICE is designed as the biggest and most spacious convention and exhibition centre in Indonesia, spanned over a total area of 220.000 square meters. ICE offers 50,000 m2 outdoor exhibition space, 10 exhibition halls of 50,000 m2, a 4,000 m2 convention hall,  12.000 m2 convenient pre-function lobby, and 33 Meeting rooms for small or large meetings. Indonesia Convention Exhibition is well known as the largest concert hall & biggest wedding hall in Indonesia. The parking capacity of ICE is up to 5,000 cars. The exhibition halls are equipped with world class services to accommodate all kinds of weddings, birthdays, graduations, sporting events, exhibitions, concerts, consumer shows, trade shows, seminars, conferences, corporate events, etc. The venue offers flexible spaces and full array of services, adjustable to every event organizers’ requirements.


Best Lightweight Booth Stand Materials to use for your next Tradeshow in Dubai

Shipping, handling, and installing heavy exhibitors eats time and money, which is why exhibition design contractors in Dubai have started preferring lightweight booth stand materials that are feather light and easy to install. Here are some of the lightweight booth stand materials that can be used to lower the heft of your exhibit. These featherweight options can lighten your load and plump up your budget. Have a look at them!


 1.Tensioned Fabric

Tensioned Graphics is one of the best lightweight booth stand materials simply pressed into the slot of the modular frame causing the fabric to tense when all four edges are inserted, creating a seamless, perfectly flat finish. Afterwards, Graphics can then be removed easily teasing the fabric from the frame using the exposed tab on the edge of the graphics. Tensioned Fabric Storage is straightforward; simply fold up and easy to transport and damage.  Solid panel graphics are a thing of the past with tensioned fabrics.

Tensioned – Fabric structures provide the perfect canvas for bold graphics and lighting. The flexibility in design options also helps you create attractive and sculptural exhibits that stand out on the show floor at a reasonable cost. The biggest advantage of Tension Fabric Graphics is that it is simple, easy to use and can be installed as well as removed without any specialized tools or knowledge.

Tensioned Fabric


2.Interlocking/Corrugated Cardboards

Interlocking Cardboard is another booth stand material consisting of a fluted corrugated sheet and one/two flat linear boards that can be used for your next exhibition. It is constructed on “flute lamination machines” or “corrugators” and can be used in manufacturing shipping containers and corrugated boxes.  Kraft containerboard, a paperboard material, usually over 0.01 inches (0.25 mm) thick are used for the linear boards and corrugated mediums.

Corrugated cardboards are fantastic booth stand materials for building temporary display structures such as exhibition stands and trade fair displays. Cardboard has a high strength to weight ratio meaning transportation and installation are quicker and possible with far fewer staff than more traditional materials.


3.Eco – Friendly Traditional Cardboards

The new eco-friendly cardboard exhibition stand and display unit is an affordable way to achieve presence at an exhibition. The simple flat-pack design is perfect for the seasoned exhibitors looking to update their branded display and for those new to exhibiting who want to stand out from the tired looking shell schemes.

Exhibition stands made with eco-friendly traditional cardboard gives you creative freedom to incorporate bespoke elements for maximum exposure for your brand and ultimately the product or service you are trying to promote. This can be achieved with full-color branded options for the wall panels, branded display shelving unit and stool to keep in theme with the stands aesthetic.  This environmentally friendly alternative is easy to transport, set up and can be adapted for different size stands. These cardboards are 100% recyclable and are extremely durable and durable and have been built to be reused for multiple exhibition tradeshows in Dubai.

Traditional Cardboards


4.Honeycomb Core 

Honeycomb core boards available in bright white or brown base colors are a new choice for exhibition booth contractors in Dubai.  These exhibition booth stand materials can be fully printed with the graphic designs in any color. The real beauty of these materials is that cardboard can be easily broken down and is completely recyclable. Using the similar interlocking, card-stacking concept, the lightweight system features panels are made of a variety of sustainable substrates so that you can pick and choose what works best for your application.

Since Honeycomb panels are easy to cut to form on a computer numerical control (CNC) machine, and they are light compared to wood or aluminum-frame structures, they are a viable substitute for traditional exhibit materials. They, too, can be covered with various materials to give them a more finished feel.


5.Paper Elements

Although paper offers less structural support than cardboard. But this is the most preferred choice among exhibition stand design companies in Dubai due to its artistic capabilities that make it an awesome accouterment for almost any exhibit. Airy and lightweight, paper elements have a wonderful organic quality that lends a sense of softness to booth stand structures.

Paper Element Stand

6.High-Density Foam 

High-Density Foams are one of the best booth stand materials that can be used to create exhibit components. Exhibition stand design companies in Dubai mostly use this stands, a lightweight panel comprising expanded Polystyrene foam sandwiched between two paper or cardboard sheets in most of the tradeshows.


7.Inflatable Structures

Inflatable structures are another lightweight booth stand materials. And with the designs available today, your exhibit doesn’t have to look like a bounce house gone bad. Based on a totally new inflatable technology, invented, the booth stands can withstand even in extreme weather conditions retaining all of the advantages of inflatable structures such as exceptional portability, rapid deployment, and low environmental impact.
Inflammable Structure

Nevertheless, each option can help you decrease your overall exhibit weight, and hence your exhibiting costs. But make sure these lightweight booth stand materials need to meet city, state, and venue standards for fire safety, which means you may need to add fire-retardant or flame-proof treatments to make them trade show ready.

Top 7 best practices to ensure safety at events

Safety at events always needs to be a top priority for event planners. A disrupted event leads to negative publicity. Security has actually become an event trend as more planners begin to place a heavier emphasis on safety. Being an event organizer or planner, an important part of your responsibility is making sure that everyone in attendance at your event is in a safe environment. With a large number of people gathered at events, it’s really important to be alerted from a security point of view. From threats, protests, mishaps to general emergencies, there are a lot of scopes to ruin your well-planned event. Don’t let it happen, follow few tips to ensure safety at events.


1. Choose a Responsible Venue

Choosing a responsible venue is the first step towards ensuring safety at events. You must always visit potential venues to check out the security facility with your own eyes. You must ask the following questions to the venue administrator: Are there sufficient emergency exits spaced out evenly? Is the building on par with local codes, & when was the last building inspection? Are there access points for paramedics to enter the premise? How about an emergency parking spot for a fire truck & police vehicles?

It is also important to answer the following questions:

  • Is your event unusual for the space or similar to those that have taken place in the past?
  • How can you ensure that such routes are both accessible and visible?
  • Will usual safety routes be compromised in any way by physical obstacles or lighting issues?

This may seem like a lot of questions, but you don’t ever want to compromise safety at events. Most of the event management companies in Dubai keep a note of all the nearest police station, hospital & fire department.

It is also essential to consider whether or not any large events will be concurrent with yours in the area that may impair exiting the larger city or town. Especially crowded areas can lead to additional safety concerns in terms of risk of attack and ease of large – scale evacuation.


2.Know your audience

For many events, the actual number of people attending fluctuates widely for many events. Those who plan to attend the whole time arrive late, or leave early can have a huge effect on the number of persons occupying your venue at any one time. It is essential to remember that an overcrowded venue can be as dangerous as an overt attack, making number-based planning critical. Make sure to answer the following questions to ensure safety at events:

  • Would unforeseen incidents like the blocked access ramps, the shutdown of elevators, or other issues leave disabled persons vulnerable and in need of extra assistance in the case of an emergency evacuation?
  • Will the people with mobility issues, including those with physical disabilities, the elderly, and children, be able to exit the venue independently?
  • Will any animals be present who may put crowds at risk if left unattended?
  • Will any guest be at particular risk of physical harm as a result of celebrity?
  • Is there a performer who may excite your crowd?
  • Is there content in any presentations (video, speaker, slideshow etc.) that is potentially divisive or likely to rile up your audience?
  • If food is provided, is there a plan in place for food service to avoid people rushing the table or forming unsafe queues?

Know your audience for safety at events

Before your event takes place, speak with all the planners to ensure that such issues are addressed and that a safe exit is guaranteed for all participants. Most of the event management companies worldwide including event planners in Dubai anticipate scheduled activities or presenters at the event that may generate particularly emotional or rowdy responses.

Dietary restrictions and food consumption is another area of concern with large events. Make sure that food offerings are clearly labeled, especially if you are aware of certain food allergies among event attendees.


3. Have a Backup Plan

You should have the mindset that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. This will make you prepared and ready to act accordingly in a worst case scenario. The way we do a lot of research to select the theme of an event, similarly we must also work on a contingency plan in case of any natural disaster or bomb threat? If guests have to be evacuated, then will you be able to organize it & keep attendees calm as they exit in an orderly fashion? In order to ensure safety at events, you must develop a security plan that outlines the steps to take in an emergency. For example: If a guest is injured, then the plan should include steps like calling an ambulance, locating a room for the injured guest while awaited with medical arrival. You must also make sure that the venue staff is well equipped to respond such a situation that involves dozens of injuries.


4. Know your Exit plan

Everyone involved in the planning of your event & crowd management on the day should also be briefed on contingency plans. This will ensure that guests can be guided from enclosed spaces without becoming panicked by a lack of direction. This type of traffic direction also ensures that crowds utilize efficient and clutter-free exit routes. Make sure to have the following two key components in place to ensure safety at events:

  • Clear instructions for staff on where and how to guide guests in the event of an emergency
  • Backup escape routes in case preferred exits are unusable

Such exit plans can be more widely disseminated through the use of certain print and electronic sources. An Incident Command System or ICS can greatly ease this process both in terms of planning, access, integration of resources, and ensuring a chain of command.

Know your Exit plans for safety at events


5. Hire a Security Firm

Some event organizers in Dubai hire their own security staff to ensure safety at events. However, higher profile events require security personnel from an actual security service. Having actual personnel complete in uniform and gear also sends a more imposing message to people who may think about crashing your event or acting unruly.

Much like picking out a venue, you should also be asking multiple questions when selecting a security firm for ensuring safety at events. Questions to ask should include:

  • Can they name an incident where their personnel had to act in an actual emergency?
  • Do members have experience using items like a metal scanner, zip cuffs, etc.?
  • Has the company ever been sued?
  • What kind of certification and training do personnel go through?
  • Who are some of the company’s previous clients?

While you may be providing private security for your event, it is often useful to keep in contact with emergency response services in the area. Such organizations can be immeasurable resources in terms of communicating potential safety issues, ensuring that their forces are properly staffed to deal with any potential issues, and even helping you remain in accordance with local ordinances.


6. Check Staff and Guest ID

Check Staff and Guest ID for safety at eventsYou must arrange a mechanism to verify anyone who enters the venue; that’s another great step to ensure safety at events. There should be a list of everyone that’s attending and cross them off as they register. If you have walk – ins, then there must be a speedy process for getting them verified. If you are handing out official name tags, ask that guests have them visible at all times. Staff should also not hesitate to approach occupants that don’t have a visible tag. You must also be ready to call in security personnel if a guest refuses to show verification.


7. Search all Bags

Apart from undergoing a metal scanning, another way to ensure security at events is to let the guests prepared to have their bags searched. Just before the event, be sure to inform guests that attendees will be subject to an inspection of their belongings. Searches & scans must be done by security rather than by your own staff.

Guests must be more willing to go along with the process if it is carried out by uniformed personnel. There should also be an area for tagging and storing contraband items and of course a well-defined process where guests can retrieve them once they leave.