Tips For Planning Pre-Wedding Celebrations In Dubai

After the couple meets and gets engaged, it’s the perfect time to set the date and start the week-long preparations! There are so many different things that need to happen before the actual ceremony arrives. As the date for your wedding tie draws near, you as well as your fiancé will find themselves the subjects of a whirlwind of parties. Some you will host, but for most, you two will be the guests of honor; which means you get to pretty much relax and enjoy the festivities. Pre-wedding celebrations have its own charm, especially if you plan to organize them in “The city of future – Dubai.” Pre-wedding celebrations in Dubai is most advanced, grand, and ambitious. Dubai is rapidly growing its popularity as a hub for destination weddings as well as pre-wedding celebrations. Here are few tips if you plan to do pre-wedding celebrations in Dubai:


1. Pre-wedding Shoots

Pre-Wedding Shoots

Pre-wedding shoots are becoming more and more popular during pre-wedding celebrations in Dubai as couples use it as a chance to get some professional photo shoots that can be used for their wedding websites, invites or some pretty pictures that aren’t selfies.  Dubai is certainly a beautiful wedding venue with its rustic deserts, scenic locations, royal palaces and tall skyscrapers. Have a few glimpses of them:

  1. Burj Khalifa: Dubai’s famous landmark, the exquisite multistory building is one of the destinations in Dubai for the pre-wedding photo shoot.
  2. Atlantis, the Palm: From shooting with the dolphins to capturing the private moments of the couple on its private beach, you can have a great time capturing some magical moments.
  3. Jumeirah BeachThe glorious Jumeirah Beach lies along Dubai’s coast, provides stretches of soft white sand which is relaxing and playful.
  4. Madinat Jumeirah: Pick any nook or corner of the magnificent Madinat Jumeirah – and add just the right touch of magic to every frame. Each brick and stone of the iconic structure has a love story to tell if gifted with a tongue.
  5. Dubai Desert: This exotic location is served as the perfect frame for some extraordinary pre-wedding photo shoot ideas. Just let your bright outfits flow with the natural breeze and add a striking contrast to the low-lit sand dunes.
  6.  Miracle Garden: Looking for a ‘fairy-tale’ love story? The brightest and most striking colors of the magical Miracle garden in Dubai will make your shoot amazingly wacky!
  7. Fujairah Mountains: Just about two hours from the chaos of Dubai, there’s this romantic getaway. The rocks add a beautiful reddish tone that can be paired up with beautiful bright or light colored clothing.


2. Sagan/Engagement Ceremony

You have got the man/woman of your dreams, now it’s time to think about your pre-wedding celebrations in Dubai. If you don’t want to go with a classic engagement party, don’t worry! Wedding planners in Dubai can offer you quirky ideas to celebrate your engagement ceremony in unique style.

  • Outdoor movie night featuring the future Mr. and Mrs.

Throw up a sheet, rent a projector, and turn your engagement into a real-life rom-com with an outdoor movie theater-themed party that’s bound to be a box office hit.

  • Dessert Party
    You can also think of planning your engagement ceremony amidst barren deserts of Dubai. Serve up a selection of dessert wines (port, white Riesling, Merlot, and Cabernet) and typical dessert-time beverages such as espresso, coffee, and tea.
  •  Casino Night
    You’ve already won the jackpot by finding the love of your life. Now, you can keep the good times rolling along with some dice and cards at your own casino night.
  • Rooftop engagement party – you can think of choosing Burj Al Arab, Mercury Lounge, 40 Kong

Dubai is popular for its tallest buildings; there is no better option than celebrating your engagement ceremony on the rooftop.

3. Haldi Function

There are a lot of wedding services, an event planner can offer you in Dubai. They also hold expertise in organizing pre-wedding celebrations in Dubai like Haldi Ceremony, which holds a special place of honor in traditional weddings. According to the ancient texts, there is the importance of every ritual that forms a part of Marriage, including Haldi Ceremony. There is all fun, laughs, traditions, and dance at this festive wedding event. Haldi paste is applied at bride and groom’s face and body in full entertaining way.

Haldi Function


  • Opt floral decoration: Marigold flower’s streamers create excellent decoration expressions. With floral decoration, you can derive simple but attractive decoration idea for the hall, stairs, and doors for haldi event.
  • Traditional stage decoration: Wedding event managers in Dubai recommend vivacious multi-colored patterns collectively creating an allure stage decoration for haldi event. Luxurious bright colored pillows, traditional pots with color decoration and royal stage with velvet stuff cover create an inspiring stage for those brides who are interested in royal theme wedding ceremony.
  •  Haldi decoration for outdoor hallway: From the very entrance, your guest must get the impression that they are going to attend a unique and standard wedding function and it can be possible through fetching hallway decoration. Multi-colored fancy canopies with floral decoration produce excellent grace. This fabulous bright colored decoration idea is alluring, traditional and teamed with entertaining charm.

Pre-Wedding Celebrations In Dubai

  • Plan a dress code:  Of course, the dress code has to be yellow!
  • Make it into a holi party: Get organic colors and smoke bombs for everyone to play around!
  • Get kilos and kilos of flower petals and you’re good to go!
  • Plan wild and crazy activities: Kurta tearing ritual for groomsmen and even giving them a Haldi bath
  • Get customized badges for everyone attending the ceremony

4. Henna Night

During your pre-wedding celebrations in Dubai, having a henna night is a great way to bring your female friends and family members together to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. You must go for an oriental theme when it comes to your henna night. Wedding event companies in Dubai mostly decorate this special function with cushions, rugs, candles, and lamps. If you are having your party outdoors, consider having a Moroccan tent. There are few other services Dubai event planners offer for Henna night:

  • Hookahs or Shishas: Wedding management companies offer hookahs or shishas (water pipes) set for your guests.
  • Authentic tea cups: You can also have the traditional glass tea cups filled with candy and wrapped in organza fabric.
  • Traditional accessories: Highlight the space with easily available and fun accessories. You can use colorful pots, pinwheels, kaleeras (Punjabi wedding kaliras), temple bells, traditional Rajasthani puppets, lanterns and in fact colorful diyas.These accessories will transform the Mehendi decor to a magical place.
  • Accessory bags: Wedding companies in Dubai also suggest keeping accessory bags with different oriental accessories: toe rings, ankle bracelets, earrings and even Arabic kohl.Heena Night
  • Decoration with dupattas having sequins/mirror work: Use bold warm colored dupattas having sequins/mirror work for Mehendi décor. Since the vibes of a Mehendi night are homely as well as casual; brightly colored fabric used for Mehendi décor will not give the event an exotic and festive flair but also warmth and intimacy. Bubblegum shades together like: bright blue, yellow, pink, purple, green and yellow all together also look so good together for a Mehendi!
  • Rangoli: Wedding event companies suggest colored sand, glitter, flowers, and paints can be used to make stunning rangoli at the entrance of the venue.
  • Traditional flowers: You can use marigold for a bright orange effect. Gerberas and Jasmine also look beautiful.Space will look cheerful and colorful as well as traditional and ethnic.
  • Stylish Mehendi designs from Arabic to Moroccan: Made from crushed leaves of the henna tree, henna powder is mixed with water and lemon juice or a similar acidic to create a thick paste that stains the skin on contact.  In Dubai, you can find great Mehendi3 artists skilled with Arabic style, Italian style, Indo – Arabic style, Moroccan Style and glitter mehendi.
  • Cool photobooths: Photobooths can make your henna night ceremony lively and fun. They can be shaped as sunglasses, mustaches etc, your guests will surely go wild clicking pictures here.

5. Sangeet Function

Sangeet Function

Dubai Event Planners usually invite talented Shehnai, Dholak & Tabla players for their pre-wedding celebrations in Dubai, especially when it’s a traditional sangeet function. You can also sparkle the function by adding wind chimes to the venue if it’s happening in an open space. You can invite Tribute Acts, Cabaret Acts, Live Bands and Celebrity Appearances at your sangeet function in Dubai. There other unique things that you can add on to your Sangeet function like:

  • Superb Entry by bride and groom on a scooter or a cycle!
  • Use of glitter paper and thermal (made to look like pearls) in the dance sequence that makes the photos look amazing!
  • Beautiful use of lights and effects (Ask your wedding planner or decorator to give you good ideas to use lights to enhance your decor set up)
  • Use of props like sunglasses and lungis to make the dances more fun and enjoyable to watch
  • South Indian songs with ample of jhatkas and thumkas to make your crowd go insane with laughter!


6. Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party

Never miss your bachelorette party with your lovely friends and cousins before their pre-wedding celebrations in Dubai.  When it comes to pre-wedding celebrations in Dubai, you can start your bachelorette tour with the usual Desert Safari and the popular camel rides. Then go for underwater extravaganza – Enjoy dolphin kisses, underwater diving, and all the fun water activities. You can enjoy belly dancing, cycling on Marina Bay with your lovely friends and of course a yacht tour. You can enjoy night parties with your mates at posh hotels like Bab Al Shams, Atlantis The Palm Hotel The Crowne Plaza, Conrad Dubai.

You can also book innumerable exotic resorts like Radisson BluHilton Fujairah ResortCove Rotana ResortDanat Al Ain Resort Hotel and Asfar Resorts at famous places – FujairahRas Al Khaimah Al Ain. These are top wedding venues in Dubai, good to book for bachelorette parties too.


Top 7 Marketing Tips To Promote Your Exhibition Stand In Dubai

Dubai is the place of opportunity for many businesses across the world looking for innovative ways to enter and make a mark in the highly competitive UAE market. The first step in creating initial brand awareness is by first taking part in many relevant exhibitions that are organized in the UAE. Exhibitions are one of the only places where you can truly get along with your client base; you can meet them, talk to them, and promote your brand. But before getting into exhibition preparations, it is really important to understand your exhibition objectives well, because according to the goals of your exhibition, you need to determine which forms of marketing will suit your promotion. Promote your exhibition stand in Dubai well in advance, so that you may expect enough footfalls for your exhibition stand in Dubai.

Here are Top 7 Marketing tips to promote your Exhibition Stand in Dubai:


1. Create and submit a press release for your exhibition

The most important part of marketing your exhibition stand in Dubai is making a press release and sending a paragraph or two of details to your local community newspapers and websites. You will need to do it twice; the very first press release must be sent in at least a month in advance, and the second (as a reminder) should be sent a week prior to your exhibition date. Invite journalists to your stand or make a time to meet them for a chat. Let them know what you can offer attendees to the show. You will need to prepare a press pack, as most exhibitions have a press office for journalists attending. A press pack should include customer case studies, background information, images, news, and contact details.


 2. Create flyers & posters to let people know about your upcoming participation in an exhibition

Exhibition Stand in DubaiFlyers and Posters can remarkably be an effective way of getting your message out to the public.  Flyers and posters help you communicate about your participation in a particular exhibition along with your contact details and the booth number of your stall. This will bring the crowd to your exhibition booth stall.


3. Send out personal invitations

Personal invitations sent out to your prospectives must include hard copies of the trade show registration giving an indication
of why they should visit your stand. By inviting your prospects personally, you may expect a large number of footfalls over your exhibition stand in Dubai.


4. Have details on your website

A website is a 24×7 salesman for just any type of business. Your website must have details of the upcoming exhibition on your “landing page”, and most organizers will be happy to provide you with the relevant “buttons”. Make sure that visitors know why they should come and see you at the show, and that they can then click through to register for the show. The details about the exhibition can be put under a specific tab heading of events.


5. Email Campaigning

Email Campaigning is an excellent way to market your exhibition stand in Dubai if you already have permission to contact the customer or prospect. Often the collection of contact details via a website for newsletters can be excellent for sending electronic invitations. Your upcoming exhibition can be promoted on every email sent from the office with an additional line on the signature, specifying the booth stand location and number.

6.Create App for your exhibition

mobile trade shows appIn today’s time, the requirement for mobile trade show apps is greater than ever. Trade shows are all about showcasing products or services in a short amount of time. You need to let attendees know about a special discount, or send out a push notification within seconds. A mobile trade shows app improves the overall event experience and stay ahead of the competition.


7. Tune into SMS campaigning

 Short texts are a great way of reminding attendees of the exhibition and creating buzz around the perspective about your upcoming exhibition in Dubai.


8.Use Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms Your presence on Social media platforms must be utilized judiciously for promoting your exhibition details in advance, especially if you can engage with potential prospects before the exhibition. Twitter used in combination with links to your website can be powerful in making information about your show available to real and potential attendees in an easy‐to-read steady stream. Choose a catchy hashtag for all your tweets.


9. Go for General correspondence

Make sure that your upcoming trade show is mentioned in some form on all correspondence that leaves the office, such as notepads, fax headers, and compliment slips. Create leaflets to include in any correspondence you send out. You can also use giveaways to promote the event.


10. Start blogging about your upcoming exhibition

Tell people what will happen in the upcoming exhibition!! Why should people seek you out in the upcoming exhibition and must visit your booth stand.?

Show them what great fun will be there on your exhibition booth stand, and post your blog on social media. This may get shared by other people who are likely to attend your exhibition and will help drive more traffic back to your website.

Tips For Choosing The Right Event Staffing

When you plan an event, you create an experience. One of the most important aspects of this experience is the event staffing you plan to bring. After all, these individuals collectively represent the face of your event. In order to ensure participants will have a fantastic time at your next event, you must find the perfect hires to set the right mood. Following are some of the tips for choosing the right event staffing:


1. Ask Industry Experts for Recommendations

Consult with colleagues who can make you meet promising individuals or recommend you about job fairs or websites. If you are too overwhelmed to find the top talent you require, consider using a reputable staffing agency in Dubai.


2. Interview Thoroughly

Interview each candidate yourself, briefing them on the role and its responsibilities. If anyone doesn’t seem interested to do the task, just move on. If possible, arrange some form of group interaction to see how potential hires behave with each other.


3. Hire Staff that represents your brand image

Hire Staff

Event staffing helps you build new relationships with your potential clients. If you are willing to find those perfect people, you must open up a line of communication with them. The events staff you hire for your next conference have to do more than just smile and answering questions. Ask potential candidates how will they represent your brand, or what approach they would take to align your ideas.


4. Know their knowledge about the industry for which the event is being organized:

Undoubtedly events staff must have a presentable image but their knowledge also plays an important role. For example: If you are a mobile phone provider, then technical skills on the part of your events staff is a must. On the other hand, healthcare or cosmetic companies require other types of people. Seek those with expertise or certifications related to event responsibilities.


5. Always overbook your staff in order to avoid unpredictable situations

It is always wondering if your entire events staff arrive at your Dubai event on time, in good health and ready to go, but event planners know that rarely everything goes precisely as planned. Sourcing the right events staff may seem like a costly proposition,  but it’s always worth the spend to eliminate any worries you may have in case any unpredictable event happens, and you may end up with a shortage of staff. It is always far better to ensure your peace of mind by booking a few more staff than you actually need, as flat tires, transit delays, etc. may happen, in spite of the best of planning. Before the event, confirm attendance with your staff members, be updated with the local news and weather reports for any events that could hinder a strong turnout.


6.Do background checks:

Google each and every candidate you hire and check the results. Make sure there is nothing out of the ordinary. Also, view their social media profiles to ensure the way they represent themselves is true. You must ensure that their photos and credentials are verified & up to date, their educational degrees must also be genuine.


7. Incentivize your event staff

Everyone loves a treat! It is really important to make your staff feel valued to ensure a better experience for everyone. You can offer your events staff food right after the event, invite them to watch live entertainment off the clock. Show the team how much you admire their efforts by letting them meet with a noted speaker or get their own event gift bag. This gratitude of appreciation will mean a lot to your staff members and will boost team morale and loyalty.


8. Share your company & product information

After hiring events staff, it is mandatory to provide them the necessary information about your company background and product information. Doing so will keep your events staff well -informed and prepared to answer any questions.


9. Avoid hiring friends and family to staff your event.

This will make it harder to act as their boss and will decrease the professionalism of the entire events staff.


10. Consider Logistics

If a great candidate lives far from the venue, doesn’t have dependable transportation or is occupied with other responsibilities, he or she might not be the best fit for your event. However, if your event in Dubai is in an out-of-the-way place for most staff, consider arranging for transportation or other assistance.


Exhibition Stall Design Tips For Modern Exhibitors In Dubai

Every exhibitor whether an experienced or a newbie wants to make a big impression at every exhibition. The first and foremost thing that the visitors notice about your exhibition space is your stall. No matter how wide your exhibition space is; whether will it have a 2 side open or 3 sides open exhibition stall, you need to communicate the message of your brand through your exhibition stall. When you are thinking about the exhibition stall design for your next show, it is crucial to understand the basic intricacies that go into curating these stall designs. From the shapes to structures to cultures, everything is derived from a basic idea that enables the exhibition stall designers to craft the striking stalls for you. So, here are few tips that will help you make your exhibition stall better and garner maximum attention.


1. Check out the latest trends in the Exhibition Industry

Exhibition industry is always on a continuous journey of change and transformation. It is evolving at a rapid pace, giving an exhibitor ample scope of development. Exhibition stalls are growing at an impressive rate. About three years ago, integrating a tablet into your exhibition stand design was unheard. Similarly, around 5 years back, installing an LCD screen was also a distinct feature. To get an overview of the trends in the exhibition industry, you can check the websites that discuss technological advances in this field. Another excellent way is to visit a showroom where you get to know what experts in the industry have to say. These insights and inspirations give you a complete platter of creative ideas to work with.


2. Go for Image Quality Counts

Photos must be of high resolution or vector, especially for your logo. Always select native and clean artwork for projects; it’s a great element to be included in your exhibition stall design. Spend the extra money to get good quality stock photography. It’s not that expensive and can make a huge difference in your booth. This is not a billboard where people will be walking up and even touching your graphics during your exhibition in Dubai.


3. Create a flow in your graphics

flow in your graphics

Sometimes clients have a million ideas in all different directions. Just because your display has four different graphics surfaces, doesn’t mean you should treat them as such. Make sure that the graphics you will be using for your next exhibition in Dubai must tell a coherent story. If your client wants each of their four products featured, one on each panel, that’s fine. Find a way to tie them together. Make sure that the color scheme and design, as well as your copy, work together in your exhibition stall design. Don’t reinvent the wheel with each panel.  Do check to make sure signage is visible from all sides of the exhibit. Your logo should be visible from 25 feet, headlines from 10 feet. Match your colors to the Pantone scale. What you see on your monitor may not be what comes out of the printer


4. Keep your word count to a base along with its correct placement

With regards to eye-grabbing exhibition stall design, keep your content word count to a base and your brand’s key messages vast. This attracts the eye of the exhibition visitors to comprehend the messaging of your brand efficiently without being excessively grave, making it impossible to stop and read. Also, consider where your content will be put on your exhibition stall design. This demands content ranging from pictures to text. Be sure that the most imperative data must be at the top to draw attention even from far off and to ensure it catches individual’s eyesight! Do pick one or two fonts, maximum. Too many fonts create a business that confuses your viewer. Avoid italics, all caps and centered text in your exhibition stall design for your next tradeshow in Dubai.


5. Add light boxes and backlighting to your exhibition stall design

Backdrop illumination, also known as light boxes is another good idea. Utilized on an extensive scale in signage, and outdoor displays and in exhibition stands, backlighting is picking up significance to make a large brand impression. The improvement of LED lighting has given momentum to the whole idea of lightbox usage in the exhibition stall design. Additionally, light boxes permit you to incorporate alluring backdrop illumination arrangements inside a financial plan to your exhibition stalls.


6. Design for Durability

Use materials that are easy to repair, maintain or refurbish. Also, consider the weight of the materials used in the booth. While steel may give you the industrial look you want, it will cost you a fortune in shipping and drayage. Work with your designer to select materials that accomplish your design goals without breaking the bank. Design for durability. Use materials that are easy to repair.


7. Contact details should be visible


 Do you have to include your contact details? Presumably not, but rather it relies on how you will utilize this criterion in your exhibition stall design. It’s extremely uncommon that people will settle on a choice to record any contact details from exhibition stalls in public places. Hence, you need to give away things like business cards, flyers, brochures, etc. for the visitors to contact you at a later stage. This will become imperative once the prospective client gets converted into sales leads and want to make a purchase a little later after the show gets ended.


8. Review your past performance & your competitor’s past        performance

If you have an experience in exhibiting, then the first step is to review your past performances at various exhibitions. The objective of these reviews is simply to get an overview of what mistakes you committed before and not to repeat the same. Analyze your previous performance and see what all can be reused like the previous stall is a reusable exhibition stall design for further exhibitions too.

One of the most crucial concerns is to analyze what others in your industry are up to. Whether you have exhibited before or not, it’s imperative that you are aware of your competitor’s do’s as well as don’ts. You can research on the exhibitors who have won awards for their exhibition stall designs. Few exhibition stall designers have done some commendable work with exhibition stall designs too. Get a list of those exhibitions stand exhibitors and designers to have a blueprint of your next exhibition stall in Dubai. Also, look at some prominent design websites to avail ongoing market trends.


Also, remember few Don’ts that you need to keep in mind while designing your next exhibition in Dubai

  • Don’t get so deep into the design that you lose sight of the products and services you are trying to sell.
  • Don’t place product displays or important visuals down low. Don’t include trade sensitive information in your exhibit graphics.
  • Don’t assume that your first design concept will be your final design. The design process is an organic one and what you first envision may get changed over time.
  • Don’t forget to integrate your exhibit design with your other marketing and promotional materials for a lasting impact.
  • Don’t underestimate the necessity of lighting as a design tool. Well-placed lighting can set a mood that attracts and counterbalances the harsh exhibit hall fluorescents.
  • Don’t try to say too much. Effective tradeshow design uses minimal words. Let photos, illustrations, color, and light do most of the talking for you.

How To Use Social Media Marketing For Your Next Exhibition In Dubai?

Exhibitions are the perfect opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with a wider number of different people and businesses, although many are not aware of the impact that social media can have on these connections. Creating and developing a website is important for any business. Along with having a website, you need to expand your online outreach to social media platforms. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are necessary for maintaining a competitive edge. Companies that do not have active social media accounts risk missing out on numerous marketing opportunities. Leveraging Social Media successfully allows endless marketing opportunities during your exhibition tradeshows in Dubai. By implementing an innovative & well – planned social media strategy well in advance, marketers can use these tools to massively raise awareness and reach to generate leads, drive website traffic and boost attendees visits for your next exhibition tradeshow in Dubai.

1.Use official show hashtags to share exhibition news with attendees

Beginning a hashtag campaign on Twitter is an excellent way to get exhibitors, guests and others interested in the exhibition to talk about it.  A hashtag is simply a keyword phrase, spelled out without spaces, with a pound sign (#) in front of it. For Example: #Expo2017 and #TradeShowOfTheYear are both hashtags. You may incorporate these hashtags anywhere in your social media posts: in the beginning, anywhere in between or at the end. These hashtags tie public conversations from all different users into a single stream, which you can find by searching for a hashtag, clicking on one, or using a third-party monitoring tool like HubSpot’s Social Inbox. Note that if you want your post having a hashtag to appear in anyone’s search, the post must be public. Find out what the tradeshow’s official hashtags are for the show, and start following it 2-4 weeks prior to the show to learn trends and connect with key players. Use the hashtag and promote how you will be at the show on Twitter. Consider creating a hashtag specific to your company or campaign.

2. Follow the trade show’s Social Media pages on Facebook & Twitter

You must start following the tradeshow’s Facebook page and Twitter page. Post questions regarding the trade show, the special events at the show and other relevant information like where to stay in Dubai or best places to eat in town that will help you get more engagement and exposure.

3.Promote your participation on your company page

On your Facebook brand page, start promoting your participation in upcoming tradeshow in Dubai. Mention your booth stall number in the exhibition hall. Pin a post to the top of your Twitter page promoting your next exhibition tradeshow in Dubai with special offers or contests. Also, do not forget to “follow” fans or attendees of the trade show exhibit’s page. Also, like and share the show’s posts on your timeline as well as groups you have joined.

4. Join trade groups on LinkedIn to converse about upcoming tradeshow & share highlights of your booth stall

LinkedIn has a fantastic “groups” option, so getting everyone into a particular exhibition tradeshow in Dubai is easy. You may join groups and engage in “conversations” or start one yourself in trade groups related to the show. If you have blog posts, share them & also thoughts about the industry or market to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. Use LinkedIn “share an update…” option to show your upcoming contest, special events leading up to the tradeshow. Connect with people going to the show. Tell them where to find you at the show. Start building a relationship with them. Don’t forget to look for similar business interests/connection that you have in common with fellow attendees. That’s a powerful way to genuinely build a business relationship with a prospect or deepen one with an existing customer.

Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn, for example, is the professional social network. So if you are a B2B company attending a trade show or exhibition, this is an excellent platform for you to tell your online audience about what you are up to. LinkedIn updates must always be professional, engaging and relevant to your business. However, personal updates, like smiley staff pictures, do work well on LinkedIn, these should be posted alongside more expert content such as industry news and reports. On the other hand, Twitter feeds move much faster. You must utilize this social platform to focus on real-time event updates as well as to connect with other attendees at the exhibition tradeshow in Dubai.

5. Create a teaser video

 There are a lot of ways to market your exhibition tradeshow in Dubai, one of the most interesting and effective ways to promote it with a teaser video. Mostly new products or services are introduced at trade shows. Create a teaser video on YouTube to share prior to the show.

6. Create and Share a landing page for your website on social media platforms

A landing page is an excellent mode to direct your booth visitors towards information that pertains to them and have measurable web statistics as well. Your landing page could offer free material, such as an ebook or whitepaper, relating to the messaging you decided for your exhibition tradeshow in Dubai. You can share your landing page link on your social media link; this will help send trade show attendees on your website. This will also provide you with an opportunity to gather information about them.

7. Capture live streaming video & share pictures in real time

Google hangout enables you to broadcast from your exhibition (hopefully the exhibition hall has Wifi or your company has planned for it) for people who are not there to see what’s going on and what you are presenting. Google+ Circle feature gives you the chance to organize your Google contacts based on where you met them or what type of person they are: peer, partner, customer, prospect etc.  Upload the Hangout video to YouTube. You can also post updates with pictures, it will allow your feed to keep moving with images, thoughts, and ideas about what’s happening at the exhibition tradeshow in Dubai.

8. Promote special offers

Organize a contest related to your product or service to collect leads for potential customers before or during the show. Giveaways or Contests can combine social media with visiting the booth in person.  For instance: You could advertise a contest in your booth, have entries coming via Facebook page, and then have the winners come back to the booth to get their prize.

9. Gather feedbacks on Twitter

Use Twitter polls to collect feedback on the event that you can then publish as a separate piece of content about, or write your own post-show review. By polling your audience, you can do two things for your next exhibition tradeshow in Dubai:

  • You can find out relevant opinions pertaining to your brand, products or services
  • You can pique the interest of your followers and improve engagement.

10. Create and upload small testimonial videos from customers coming onto your show

Create quick little testimonial videos from customers. If you have a current customer visiting your booth, that’s a great opportunity to capture a quick 30-second video testimonial but that should be having a compelling effect. Upload a video of the exhibition booth at your booth stall. Show off the number of people visiting the booth. Don’t ever forget to link your company’s website within the description of the video as you upload it to YouTube. And make sure your description describes what’s happening in the video. Don’t just upload videos with no information.


You must post about your exhibition tradeshow in Dubai before you go, during the event and after it has ended.

Before an event: Practice social media to announce the fact you will be attending, research the official event hashtag and connect with other attendees.

During an event: Use the tips above to post updates live from the event. If somebody engages with you on social media during the event, always respond promptly!

After the event: Consider using Twitter polls to gather feedback on the event which you can then publish as a separate piece of content about, or write your own post-show review.