Shipping, handling, and installing heavy exhibitors eats time and money, which is why exhibition design contractors in Dubai have started preferring lightweight booth stand materials that are feather light and easy to install. Here are some of the lightweight booth stand materials that can be used to lower the heft of your exhibit. These featherweight options can lighten your load and plump up your budget. Have a look at them!


 1.Tensioned Fabric

Tensioned Graphics is one of the best lightweight booth stand materials simply pressed into the slot of the modular frame causing the fabric to tense when all four edges are inserted, creating a seamless, perfectly flat finish. Afterwards, Graphics can then be removed easily teasing the fabric from the frame using the exposed tab on the edge of the graphics. Tensioned Fabric Storage is straightforward; simply fold up and easy to transport and damage.  Solid panel graphics are a thing of the past with tensioned fabrics.

Tensioned – Fabric structures provide the perfect canvas for bold graphics and lighting. The flexibility in design options also helps you create attractive and sculptural exhibits that stand out on the show floor at a reasonable cost. The biggest advantage of Tension Fabric Graphics is that it is simple, easy to use and can be installed as well as removed without any specialized tools or knowledge.

Tensioned Fabric


2.Interlocking/Corrugated Cardboards

Interlocking Cardboard is another booth stand material consisting of a fluted corrugated sheet and one/two flat linear boards that can be used for your next exhibition. It is constructed on “flute lamination machines” or “corrugators” and can be used in manufacturing shipping containers and corrugated boxes.  Kraft containerboard, a paperboard material, usually over 0.01 inches (0.25 mm) thick are used for the linear boards and corrugated mediums.

Corrugated cardboards are fantastic booth stand materials for building temporary display structures such as exhibition stands and trade fair displays. Cardboard has a high strength to weight ratio meaning transportation and installation are quicker and possible with far fewer staff than more traditional materials.


3.Eco – Friendly Traditional Cardboards

The new eco-friendly cardboard exhibition stand and display unit is an affordable way to achieve presence at an exhibition. The simple flat-pack design is perfect for the seasoned exhibitors looking to update their branded display and for those new to exhibiting who want to stand out from the tired looking shell schemes.

Exhibition stands made with eco-friendly traditional cardboard gives you creative freedom to incorporate bespoke elements for maximum exposure for your brand and ultimately the product or service you are trying to promote. This can be achieved with full-color branded options for the wall panels, branded display shelving unit and stool to keep in theme with the stands aesthetic.  This environmentally friendly alternative is easy to transport, set up and can be adapted for different size stands. These cardboards are 100% recyclable and are extremely durable and durable and have been built to be reused for multiple exhibition tradeshows in Dubai.

Traditional Cardboards


4.Honeycomb Core 

Honeycomb core boards available in bright white or brown base colors are a new choice for exhibition booth contractors in Dubai.  These exhibition booth stand materials can be fully printed with the graphic designs in any color. The real beauty of these materials is that cardboard can be easily broken down and is completely recyclable. Using the similar interlocking, card-stacking concept, the lightweight system features panels are made of a variety of sustainable substrates so that you can pick and choose what works best for your application.

Since Honeycomb panels are easy to cut to form on a computer numerical control (CNC) machine, and they are light compared to wood or aluminum-frame structures, they are a viable substitute for traditional exhibit materials. They, too, can be covered with various materials to give them a more finished feel.


5.Paper Elements

Although paper offers less structural support than cardboard. But this is the most preferred choice among exhibition stand design companies in Dubai due to its artistic capabilities that make it an awesome accouterment for almost any exhibit. Airy and lightweight, paper elements have a wonderful organic quality that lends a sense of softness to booth stand structures.

Paper Element Stand

6.High-Density Foam 

High-Density Foams are one of the best booth stand materials that can be used to create exhibit components. Exhibition stand design companies in Dubai mostly use this stands, a lightweight panel comprising expanded Polystyrene foam sandwiched between two paper or cardboard sheets in most of the tradeshows.


7.Inflatable Structures

Inflatable structures are another lightweight booth stand materials. And with the designs available today, your exhibit doesn’t have to look like a bounce house gone bad. Based on a totally new inflatable technology, invented, the booth stands can withstand even in extreme weather conditions retaining all of the advantages of inflatable structures such as exceptional portability, rapid deployment, and low environmental impact.
Inflammable Structure

Nevertheless, each option can help you decrease your overall exhibit weight, and hence your exhibiting costs. But make sure these lightweight booth stand materials need to meet city, state, and venue standards for fire safety, which means you may need to add fire-retardant or flame-proof treatments to make them trade show ready.

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