The Center for Exhibition Industry Research 2016 CEIR Index Report has predicted a new peak for the global exhibition industry in 2018.The Exhibition Industry is going to enjoy its boom worldwide in the coming time with stand builders. Which is why a lot of exhibition companies are mushrooming globally be it the Middle East or Eastern Europe. International companies who are likely to exhibit across East Europe must enquire that if there are benefits using a European-based contractor versus an existing local company (in their area) that they are perhaps already working with on local events. No matter which stand builder you choose, listed below are seven important points that we believe is worth observing when you are making the decision to exhibit in Eastern Europe and looking to appoint your stand-building partner.

1. Cost of Stand Builders

Just check whether the whole cost of stand building is within your budget or not.

2. Proven Track Record

Pick a partner that understands the demographics of the exhibition’s visitors, the venue and the show itself. There will be lots of opportunities to boost your effectiveness at the show, including sponsorships, digital marketing, keynote speaking, technology on the stand, direct mail, competitions and much more.

3. Just confirm whether stand builders construct stands by themselves or outsource

Although you may initially think this question is of little importance, asking this question can save you serious amounts of money. Every time something is outsourced you will be paying an additional 15% -30% for that particular service or product.

4. Check Quality Guarantees of the Stand

You need to know whether you will be getting value for money or not. Remember to check that your expectations are accurate as there is no time to rectify things.

5.  Online Project Management Tools

It is essential to find an exhibition partner that is using an online project management tool. In this era of emails and easy communication, it is important that this information is centrally stored and managed.

6. Check out Construction Capabilities of Builders

Stand Builders Constructive Capabilities

Check what exactly the vendor may have to offer.  Everyone has different perspectives on what they consider building work, so always press to find out if they are simply a basic assembler or are capable of building complex structures.


Eastern Europe economy is growing

Nowhere in the world have expectations for growth changed so positively & rapidly as in central and Eastern Europe.  This year, the consensus forecast for economic growth in the region is now 2.5 percent – 0.3 percent points higher than four months ago. Expectations for 2018 are even brighter at 2.6 percent, 0.1 percentage points higher than forecast at the start of the year. The growing economy is an indication of the boom in Exhibition Industry. A lot of exhibitors are looking to hire stand builders from Eastern Europe due to certain advantages, take a look:

Advantages of hiring Stand builders from Eastern Europe for your next Exhibition:

  • All in all, you will end up spending less for building your exhibition booth through Eastern Europe Stand Builders rather than hiring stand builders from Western Europe.
  • You get the advantage of in-house production facilities.
  • You can hire presentable exhibition staff; you can find a lot trained boys and girls from countries like Hungary, Poland who are trained courteously to attract exhibition audience.
  • You may find lower exhibition logistics cost.
  • Concept and design can be optimally adjusted to a specific exhibition and target group.

But you need to be aware of certain grounds while hiring stand builders from Eastern Europe for your next exhibition, take a look:

1. Always trust an exhibition company referred by your known

Eastern Europe has gone through many wars and collisions of many territories and empires, which is why this region is comparatively poorer than Western Europe. People of this region are still struggling to get through their daily expenses. So, in order to overcome their necessities, they may get into fraudulent activities, so it is important that you should only trust those exhibition stand builders who have been referred by those whom you personally know, you trust completely or they would have had to get their stand building work through that particular exhibition stand builder in Eastern Europe.

2. Always get your agreement on Papers with Stand Builders

Agreement Contract

Never go for oral agreements, always stress on getting the agreement done on papers with your stand builders in Eastern Europe. You must be having a legal proof that you have entered into a transaction with a stand builder in Eastern Europe.

3. Always have details about the booth stand quality

Booth Stand Quality

Merely approaching the Eastern European stand builder you got to know through a reference is not enough to trust the stand builder; you must have all the details about what quality of material he is using to build booth stands. Is the material genuine & long lasting? Is the builder charging the correct amount for the material he is using or not?

4. Check whether the Exhibition firm is registered one or not

Business registration is the process of obtaining legal authority to conduct business within your chosen jurisdiction. It ensures that a business is operating under the lawful obligations of its control. Always check that the exhibition company you are choosing out of Eastern Europe must be a registered firm. You will be confident about the chosen company. One more advantage is that in case the company does any fraud you can sue that company; however it is not possible with the unregistered company.

5. Check out the virtual existence of the company

Check out whether the company is having a website or not. Is the address and phone numbers given on the website valid or not. Search out the company existence on the social media platforms like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Also, check out the company’s rating on Google.

6. Get the feedback from other customers

Search out for all existing customers of the company and get their feedback before finalizing stand builders out of Eastern Europe. Know their experience and understand whether they got the work according to their expectations or not?

The Eastern Europe is not a developed region like Western Europe; people are doing hard to get their bread and butter. You may come across with stand builders, who are fraudulent, befool you by giving you wrong promises about booth stands’ quality, rates, and other services. Therefore, it is very important that you should be really aware while finalizing stand builder from Eastern Europe for your upcoming exhibition. Otherwise hiring stand builders from UAE is always a great idea, the exhibition industry is booming in the Middle East and you will many worthy exhibitions stand builders, one of them is definitely Promo Events, it is one of the Dubai’s most innovative and marketing-led exhibition design company that guarantees an exclusive creative presentation of your products and services. Our approach combines corporate marketing concepts and core brand identities with structural designs.

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