7 Design Trends for Commercial Interiors in Dubai

Unlike lifestyle interiors, finalizing designs for commercial interiors in Dubai is a tricky affair. Commercial interiors in Dubai need to tick a lot of boxes. A commercial space needs to be cost-effective, elegant, classy and extremely efficient. At the same time, they must have a distinct and creative feel, so that customers and clients can feel welcome. Expectations are constantly evolving in terms of design trends in commercial interiors. Hence, businesses must regularly adapt to the changes happening in commercial interiors to reflect current tastes of their employees, visitors and consumers.  Here are some epic design tips for your commercial interiors in Dubai:

1.Geometric patterns:

These striking designs are one of the new design trends for commercial interiors in Dubai. Subway tile is fading out and some serious patterns are introduced including interwoven triangles and subdued backdrop arrangements to complement minimalist furniture lines. Large geometric patterns make a statement, and add uniqueness to your commercial space. Large geometric patterns are used on walls, carpets, and floor tiles. They help businesses create a true design statement that expresses personality and makes a lasting impression on visitors.

Geometrical Design Commercial Interiors in Dubai

Image Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/colorhousepaint/color-stories-eclectic-geometric-palette/

2.Get a kinky touch:

Sometimes, it’s interesting to break stereotypes. We are referring to the rules of commercial interiors in Dubai in this case! While the basic funda of commercial interior designs can always be followed, but why should commercial interiors should be identical or formal? The creative minds will certainly agree.  Traditional designs stick to the very basic neutrals and not being creative with interior design. This typically leads to a very boring and uninteresting commercial interior. These days commercial interior planners in Dubai are looking forward to try mixing various fabrics and color combinations that can allow your space to be unique and have a distinct personality. Infusing various flooring options throughout your commercial interior space is one way to give your space a distinct personality all its own.

  Commercial Interiors in Dubai with kinky touchImage Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/Annttoinette/whimsical-+-quirky-designs/?lp=true

 3.Environment friendly decor:

With corporations coming under increasing pressure to meet social obligations in Dubai, there is a drive towards promoting eco-friendly commercial designs in Dubai, so commercial spaces need to be energy efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing. With employees being in the office for roughly eight hours a day, it’s really important that they at least experience the ambience of nature. Incorporating living walls into your space or placing plants throughout your space are just a couple of new design trends for commercial interiors in Dubai.

There have been various studies regarding the benefits of bringing the outside into the workplace. It has been suggested that plenty of greenery can increase your employees’ productivity levels, well being & creativity. These days, commercial interiors in Dubai have been morphed to accept eco friendly environment. It has been suggested that plenty of greenery can increase your employees’ productivity levels, well being and creativity. Usually glass use is considered as a mark of energy inefficiency, however new advances in window design are no longer the case:  Glass looks set to become a staple of future eco-builds.

Commercial interior designers in Dubai prefer formaldehyde free paints and wall finishes ensuring a good health of employees. This also reduces the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in renovating and building processes.

4.Open Spaces

In a modern era of increasing interaction & constant communication, today’s workforce is no longer willing to remain isolated in a tiny cubicle with no access to natural light. As a result, commercial spaces are moving towards more collaborative approach, changing their interior design layout to create more open workspaces. This is making a new design trend in commercial interiors in Dubai.

In such a décor, desks are separated with low or transparent panels, or these partitions are removed altogether in favor of circular workstations that promote an increase in communication and knowledge transfer.

Open spaces are designed, so that employees can choose whether they need to work together or get away from unwanted distractions. For example: The more social working zones & collaborative spaces would look more like an office breakout area, while zones designated to privacy would be in cubicle areas or perhaps even office pods. It allows people to choose how they want to work which will improve the quality of work.

Commercial Interiors in Dubai

Of course, for most commercial properties in Dubai, it’s not possible or practical to conduct regular full-scale refurbishments. Instead, the emphasis is on making smaller changes – a shift in the furniture layout or a new coat of paint.

5.Home office set up

Every employee spends so much time in the office, more than at his home; workplace is just a second home to the employee, which is why the residential design trend is one of the popular design trends for commercial interiors in Dubai. From sleeping pods to homely kitchen spaces, little flairs of the residential look can do wonders for your overall space design.

Commercial interior designers in Dubai push the envelope of the residential themes so that, employees can relate their office space with home like relaxation. Soft eating office furniture solutions such as sofas and beanbags are really emphasized, as it gives the image of a living room.

Commercial Interiors in Dubai including Home office setup

Image Courtesy: http://freshome.com/modern-home-office-ideas/

6.Smart Office look:

In today’s era, new technologies are mobile to the point where we can actually integrate them with our office furniture. New office desks such as tech desks are a recent example of how offices are moving towards the smart office.


The idea of smart office is about having everything technologically integrated, so that employees can switch their working styles. Employees will have plenty of freedom to choose what to work off from the usual desktop to your mobile phone, but it would all have to be connected so that you can access what you need at a whim. This level of customization is also great for welcoming millennials into the workplace as they are well accustomed to the switch of technology.

Smart office Commercial Interiors in Dubai

Image Courtesy: https://in.pinterest.com/plexgallery/smart-office-spaces/?lp=true

 7.Deep tones

The most important flavor of the year for a commercial interior design in Dubai is the inherent beauty of nature and deep cooling tones. Deep tone design trends for commercial interiors in Dubai are all about using charcoals and greys tinged with greens.

Commercial interior designers in Dubai look to use charcoals and greys tinged with greens. Combine them with ivory, stone, and taupe for balance. Just like the inherent beauty of nature, deep, rich hues are beautiful choices for commercial interiors in Dubai. If this all seems a bit reserved, then designers add a few splashes of fiery paprika or zesty lime for color.  In fact, sticking with grays and browns combined with lighter neutral shades will enhance the aesthetic of your commercial interior. This subtle balance is all you need to create a unique design for your commercial interiors in Dubai.

Commercial Interiors in Dubai for your Office

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