It is often said that the key to a successful business is location, location, location. Location is crucial, however the manner in which you set up your interiors plays a major role. The motive behind hiring a commercial interior designing company is mainly to set up congestion free & organized interiors that would work as a welcome note to your clients, vendors, employees and create “happy feeling” while working.

One needs to look for such commercial interior designing company that can utilize physical space to enhance the purpose of a commercial structure. If the design of a house is centered on livability, then the design of a commercial building is based on usability. Space needs to be usable for both customers as well as workforce in order to maximize profits; hence it’s important that one should look at certain important criteria before hiring a commercial interior designing company:


1. The designer should be able to understand your           requirements well

Meeting the designer at the project site will give you an opportunity to explain your vision for the space to the designer and understand the designer’s style via their suggestions. More importantly, this will give you a chance to see how compatible you and your designer are.

 A commercial interior designer should listen to your ideas, needs, and then finalize the designs with your consent. He must be a person you feel you can trust and hand over your project to. In places like Dubai, India, Middle East, there are multitude commercial designers available who are talented and have gained a lot of appreciation before. However for you, what matters is that how efficiently he understands your needs and desires, what sort of creativity can he present you basis criteria and expectations jotted down by you?  Whether you want an overall contemporary look or something as specific as a black granite slab for your office conference room, it should be conveyed to the designer to help them visualise your space before they start working on it.

All of these ideally strengthen your trust and confidence on the chosen commercial interior designer company before actually embarking on a design-journey together.

2. Check out the previous work of Commercial Interior     Designing Company you are planning to hire

Checking references are the most important part of hiring a commercial interior designing company. Speaking to the client of projects you like in the designer’s portfolio will help you understand the designer’s work process, how open he or she will be to your ideas and give you an idea of how much you will be involved in the project. Even better, if they happen to be local, visit them to get a feel of the designer’s work live. You can check out offices, commercial complexes and shopping complexes designed by the commercial interior designer company.

The clients will also give you an idea of how the designer interacts and behaves with his clients and crew, how closely he or she maintains their schedule etc. Always ask designers to show their portfolios and credentials.

 You can also approach Promo Events if your site is based out of Dubai, it  is one of the best commercial interior Designing companies hailing out of Dubai designing for Corporate Offices, Retail spaces etc.

 Promoevents: Your Commercial Interior Designing Company


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3. Check out Rating of Designer on Google – Visit             Website, check out his availability on Social Media       Platforms

Don’t hire the first designer you meet. After checking out the work of designer by personal meeting, research about them on Google also and see what rating other customers have given each of them. Check out their websites what other services they are providing, are they sharing their work on social media platforms or not. Pick the one with highest work experience and rating.


4. Clear payment schedule

Hiring a commercial interior designing company is usually an expensive affair so it is better to clear payment schedules at the beginning of the project. The first payment you will make is usually treated as a retainer fee. This fee guarantees the designers availability for the time frame of your project. The remaining payments are usually broken down into four main instalments i.e. the approval of designs, signing off on final design drafts, start of execution and installation and project completion.

Before finalizing a designer for your project, getting a quotation is the best thing to avoid any further conflicts, the perfect place to decide is your project site, so that you as well as the designer can quote amount assessing the work pending around.


5. Meet the contractor as well

A commercial interior designing company usually has a team of contractors he or she prefers to work with. If this is the case, try & meet the contractor as well before finalizing the contract. If you have a contractor, with whom you have worked before and would like to be a part of this project, introduce him to the designer. Ideally, it is best for the designer to have his or her own team of contractors and to take responsibility for their work, he will able to work freely without any interference.

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6. Know how many other projects the commercial interior designing company has scheduled during this time period

Most commercial interior designing companies work on more than one project at a time. You must know how many projects your designer will be working on simultaneously with yours, so that you can have a better idea of how much time he or she will be able to devote to your project.

When you have made your choice, draw up a contract that details every step of the project. This should include payment schedule, a project time table with start & completion dates and also contact details for the designer and head contractor. Putting this down in writing does not say that you do not trust your designer but helps maintain clarity through your project.

7. Take a detail of materials he will be using and               suppliers from whom he will be buying

While most of the commercial interior design companies keep in mind that all interior work must be done from marketing point of view, however you need to pay good attention that wallpapers, flooring materials, glasses etc to be used during the project must be of great quality & should be durable. Therefore one must check what steps the company is taking to ensure quality is never compromised.

Whether is he procuring material from the reliable shop/supplier or not, also whatever material he has quoted at the time of contract; is he using that only or not or has indulged into using degraded quality?

Detailed Materials used by Commercial Interior Designing Company


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The process of making a good design is time taking process. Have patience & be helpful. The renovation or decor will take a lot of time, and might not complete within the designated timeline. Because you are hiring a designer, giving small instructions is good but interfering a lot may annoy your designer. They are professionals and know what they are doing, so let them do what they know.

Once you have hired one, keep all your worries away, trust your designer and look forward to a beautifully decorated place.

Promo Events is an Interior Designing Company across UAE, Middle East and India with proven capabilities in optimal Space Management and Designing. We work in partnership with our clients to develop a Retail Space, Mixed Use Areas, Hospitality, Healthcare, Salon and Spas, Corporate Interiors or a Commercial environment that engages consumers experientially with the brands. With our dedicated team of professionals, designers and even in-house artisans, we assure timely deliveries and continued post-project service.

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  • Tyler Meredith
    Tyler Meredith

    I like what you recommend about meeting the contractor before finalizing the agreements. It makes sense that it’s important to meet the contractors to ensure you get along with them and that you’ll be able to communicate effectively. I’ll have to keep this in mind for when the lighting is redone because having a quality contractor that’s properly certified is important to ensure it’s all done right and won’t go out over time.

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