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Promo Events being a Dubai Event Management Company prides itself for its human resources and infrastructure that quietly yet dedicatedly works behind the scene, to enable a seamless and memorable experience for our clients. Spread over 10,000 square feet, our factory produces custom booth solutions, interior styling products and more for all our eventing requirements. Our ground transportation logistics ensures that we leave nothing to chance when it comes to executing your exhibition or eventing project.

Our success in managing execution across the entire Gulf region emanates strongly from the deep investments that we have made in our infrastructure making us one of the largely known Dubai Event Management Company.

Our extensive global sales and execution associate offices in Poland, India and in the United States allow us to function as a single point events and exhibition partner for many of our clients.

Dubai Event Management Company

Production Factory

We have a 10,000 square feet production facility strategically located at Al Qouz & Sharjah. The location allows us for quick movement of our ground transportation vehicles to any part of the Gulf region.

Our production shop has the complete facility to produce all exhibition stands, setups, stages and specific furniture that you might require based on your design. Our production unit also caters to our interior furniture unit. The production unit has its own woodwork and joinery section, paint shop and a graphics printing unit.

Storage & Warehousing

We have dedicated warehousing section that can accommodate pre-builds and mock ups of large stands including multi-deck stands. We also provide safe storage to our clients where they can keep their expensive exhibition furniture safely until the next exhibition or event arrives.

Ground Logistics

A critical part of our infrastructure is our ground logistics transportation vehicles. We have our own dedicated transportation vehicles to quickly transport materials and furniture to and from the exhibition venue.

Our strategic location offers us quick movement to any part of the Gulf Region at short notice.

Human Resources

Ranked as one of the Best Dubai Event Management Company we employ highly trained and skilled resources in both our front end client servicing and project management team as well as in our production shop floor.

We currently employ over 40 skilled craftsmen across paint, carpentry, printing and electric trades. This ensures that at every exhibition or event, we have people readily available on call at all times.







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