Exhibition design is the process of conveying information through visual storytelling & environment. Your exhibition presence must appeal to event attendees and deliver all-important ROI. If you are planning to set up your next exhibition stand in Dubai, get acquainted with current exhibition design trends in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the famous cities of United Arab Emirates having people from different countries. Many exhibition events are held in Dubai for different purposes. Most of the exhibitions are held at Dubai World Trade Center. It is one of the largest exhibition venues worldwide offering every type of service & support under one roof. With over 30 years experience & more than one million square feet of multi-purpose space, DWTC welcomes some of the world’s most high-profile exhibitions. This is the best place to explore Exhibition Design Trends of Dubai.

3D Printing

3D printed exhibition stand  is one of the famous exhibition design trends in Dubai. 3D printers can print anything from a supercar to an artificial limb. This is a trend that the trade shows and exhibition industry is taking seriously as the technology required to print large scale 3D structures from a multitude of materials is becoming more and more accessible and more and more affordable.

Recently, 3D Printing was the focus of 2017 Arab Health Exhibition & Congress held from 30 January 2017 to 2nd February 2017. It is the largest healthcare tradeshow in the MENA region and the second largest in the world offering the perfect opportunity to share innovation, technology, development and new ideas at one place.

Updated Exhibition Design Trends in Dubai with 3D Printing

Natural looking textures

Natural looking materials are new exhibition design trends in Dubai. When used properly, a combination of smooth & rough textures add depth. Many trade show exhibitors in Dubai are using textured surfaces in their exhibition booth stand to increase visual interest. Textured surfaces draw attention; add depth & richness to exhibit’s look and feel. And unlike Zolatone, the spray finish gives exhibitory a faux-stone look that exhibitors have been using from the past many years.

Promo Events , one of the premier exhibition agencies in Dubai offers world class exhibition solutions by using originality and unique ideas to design booths and pavilion interiors. The interiors they do for pavilions immediately create a sense of identity.

Latest Exhibition design Trends in Dubai including Natural looking textures


Preferring Square profile system over Round Profile


Box designs can be round, rectangular, oval or whatever shape you want & can fit into your exhibition space. The advantage of the box design is that it allows one to use the entire space allocated to your stand and define the space with walls, unlike traditional exhibition booths. Various exhibition stand contractors in Dubai are slowly moving away from Round pole system and are opting for the more robust square profile system. This is one of the unbeatable exhibition design trends in Dubai having a modern look & feel.

Opting Curved Stands and Popular Color Tone

Curved stands add a unique and sophisticated feel to your exhibition stand designs. Softening the look of your stand is the current exhibition design trend in Dubai.  A curved aspect is more inviting, stands out from the other straight lines and angular stands.

One can also utilize the curved effect for creating a series of smaller pods, instead of one large stand. This looks more welcoming to potential customers. It also develops an intimate feeling, making personal interactions with potential customers. These days best color for exhibition stands in Dubai is blue. Blue is more alluring than black, retains a sophisticated and smart feel.

Eco – Friendly Stand Designs Follow the latest exhibition design trends in Dubai using Eco Friendly Stands

The technological edge has brought a lot of amazing tools and gadgets; however it also brought pollution and danger to the environment. That is why today more and more exhibition companies in Dubai are becoming “greener” in terms of production processes, end products, even materials they use for advertisement and other brand’s support tools. Participation in industrial exhibitions and trade shows is a great marketing tool for brands’ image building, announcement of new products, networking with other market players, new consumers’ attraction and loyalty building with current ones.

Exhibition companies in Dubai have started following given measures to exhibit in a more eco-friendly way:

Sustainable exhibition stands

Reusable materials have become new exhibition design trend in Dubai. Dubai based exhibition companies are choosing modular components, which can be put together in different ways.

Dubai exhibition booth stands & trade shows are moving more and more towards complete sustainability in 2017. Sustainable exhibition stands are a key part of Exhibition design trends in Dubai. Exhibition Stand Contractors carefully consider how you can use your stand again in the future.

  • Low-energy lighting. Using lower energy consuming components for stands is new Exhibition Design Trend in Dubai. For example, instead of using heavy powerful lightning, they can use low-energy lightning and combine it with light-dispersing fabrics.
  • Green giveaway branded products. Instead of producing branded pens, notepads and other things destined for the dust, Dubai based exhibition companies have started thinking about more eco-friendly presents to your visitors like: re-usable products, online presents or discounts for your products.

LED Displays & Projection Mapping

Events & Exhibition industry in Dubai has transformed greatly. Earlier exhibitions were used as a traditional mode for promotion of goods and services, but today it has taken a different route and has become company’s first choice in promoting its products or services.  Projection mapping essentially allows you to project any image on to any irregular shaped surface or object.

While LED displays can be used to create truly dramatic effects, though the scale and shape of the surface you wish to project from LED displays are more restrictive than with projection mapping. In order to promote displays in a dynamic fashion for drawing visitor attention, Dubai Exhibition Companies have started using LED lighting to change the look of exhibition space completely throughout the day. LED lightboxes & programmable LEDs can be employed to change color, or even animate, when someone is nearby.

Latest lighting techniques among Dubai based exhibition agencies include lights whose colors can be changed without using gels. Using these improved lighting techniques in your exhibition booth stands can make your exhibits stand apart from others.

Dubai exhibitors use bright lights at the exhibition booth stands conveying a sense of energy & movement. Dim, soothing lighting conveys that the visitor can discuss business in a relaxed atmosphere. They light up the exterior of exhibition stand with bright lights and also use soothing lighting in the meeting rooms. Bright spot lights accentuates all the details of the products. Shadow lighting as a exhibition design trend in Dubai is used to create a mystery about premier products. This effect enhances the curiosity levels of the visitors.

Advanced Graphic Manufacturing

There have been great technological advances in graphic manufacturing over the last couple of years. Large scale fabric graphics have become far more affordable offering a practical solution to create flawless  graphic displays without the need for adhesive, nails, pins or specialist application. As you attend exhibitions & trade shows in year 2017, keep an eye out for hanging box banners, canopy’s and displays made from Tension fabric graphics. Using an aluminium frame, the fabric is held taut leaving a flawless effect with no danger of creases.

Unique Booth Stand material – Fabric, Plastic

Moving away from product logos & shots, booth visuals are getting increasingly lifestyle-focused. Fabric is one of the most popular exhibition design trend being followed in Dubai because it is lightweight and can be molded into various attractive shapes. Other common materials include wood and metal. Metal is not easily damaged and is therefore cost-effective because it can be used over many years for many exhibitions.

Promo Events, one of the leading exhibition companies in Dubai is considered as a specialist in offering a wide assortment of Wooden Design Floor- Floor Master. These wooden floors are mostly used in offices, residence, showrooms and budget hotels.

Plastic has formed a large part of various exhibition designs trends in Dubai replacing more traditional timber and metal framework means to create large stand out elements of the display itself. Modern plastics are also sturdy and strong, a reason why they are good to use.

Match the exhibition design trends in Dubai using unique booth material


To really make an impact in 2017, gamifying exhibition booth stands is one of the most modern exhibition design trends in Dubai. Gamification entails using game design elements in a non-game context & applying these to your event. Dubai Exhibition companies use gamification tactically to encourage actions such as early registration and networking. For example: You can tap into people’s desire for better access and status amongst their peer group, by awarding in app rewards for those who actively network.

They also create a touch screen game, such as a puzzle that reveals the company’s newest product or a quiz about the company. This way you build awareness, impart useful information and let people have fun at the same time.

iBeacon Technology

Using an i-beacon can make your stand a hot spot, with people receiving exclusive discounts and content. Once you have created a buzz and attracted a significant amount of attention, you’ll be able to document this for your own social media promotion or use at future fixtures.

Beacons don’t mean big flashing lights. Beacons are all about subtlety. Using Bluetooth Low Energy, beacons allow us to broadcast advertising messages to any smartphone with a synced app. It’s a great way to encourage visits & push engagement by offering unique content. That’s why Dubai exhibitors are preferring this technology & it has become  new exhibition design trend in Dubai.  iBeacon technology delivers virtual invitations to the people with whom you want to get connected. This helps you to avoid time wasters and improve efficiency.


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