Every exhibitor whether an experienced or a newbie wants to make a big impression at every exhibition. The first and foremost thing that the visitors notice about your exhibition space is your stall. No matter how wide your exhibition space is; whether will it have a 2 side open or 3 sides open exhibition stall, you need to communicate the message of your brand through your exhibition stall. When you are thinking about the exhibition stall design for your next show, it is crucial to understand the basic intricacies that go into curating these stall designs. From the shapes to structures to cultures, everything is derived from a basic idea that enables the exhibition stall designers to craft the striking stalls for you. So, here are few tips that will help you make your exhibition stall better and garner maximum attention.


1. Check out the latest trends in the Exhibition Industry

Exhibition industry is always on a continuous journey of change and transformation. It is evolving at a rapid pace, giving an exhibitor ample scope of development. Exhibition stalls are growing at an impressive rate. About three years ago, integrating a tablet into your exhibition stand design was unheard. Similarly, around 5 years back, installing an LCD screen was also a distinct feature. To get an overview of the trends in the exhibition industry, you can check the websites that discuss technological advances in this field. Another excellent way is to visit a showroom where you get to know what experts in the industry have to say. These insights and inspirations give you a complete platter of creative ideas to work with.


2. Go for Image Quality Counts

Photos must be of high resolution or vector, especially for your logo. Always select native and clean artwork for projects; it’s a great element to be included in your exhibition stall design. Spend the extra money to get good quality stock photography. It’s not that expensive and can make a huge difference in your booth. This is not a billboard where people will be walking up and even touching your graphics during your exhibition in Dubai.


3. Create a flow in your graphics

flow in your graphics

Sometimes clients have a million ideas in all different directions. Just because your display has four different graphics surfaces, doesn’t mean you should treat them as such. Make sure that the graphics you will be using for your next exhibition in Dubai must tell a coherent story. If your client wants each of their four products featured, one on each panel, that’s fine. Find a way to tie them together. Make sure that the color scheme and design, as well as your copy, work together in your exhibition stall design. Don’t reinvent the wheel with each panel.  Do check to make sure signage is visible from all sides of the exhibit. Your logo should be visible from 25 feet, headlines from 10 feet. Match your colors to the Pantone scale. What you see on your monitor may not be what comes out of the printer


4. Keep your word count to a base along with its correct placement

With regards to eye-grabbing exhibition stall design, keep your content word count to a base and your brand’s key messages vast. This attracts the eye of the exhibition visitors to comprehend the messaging of your brand efficiently without being excessively grave, making it impossible to stop and read. Also, consider where your content will be put on your exhibition stall design. This demands content ranging from pictures to text. Be sure that the most imperative data must be at the top to draw attention even from far off and to ensure it catches individual’s eyesight! Do pick one or two fonts, maximum. Too many fonts create a business that confuses your viewer. Avoid italics, all caps and centered text in your exhibition stall design for your next tradeshow in Dubai.


5. Add light boxes and backlighting to your exhibition stall design

Backdrop illumination, also known as light boxes is another good idea. Utilized on an extensive scale in signage, and outdoor displays and in exhibition stands, backlighting is picking up significance to make a large brand impression. The improvement of LED lighting has given momentum to the whole idea of lightbox usage in the exhibition stall design. Additionally, light boxes permit you to incorporate alluring backdrop illumination arrangements inside a financial plan to your exhibition stalls.


6. Design for Durability

Use materials that are easy to repair, maintain or refurbish. Also, consider the weight of the materials used in the booth. While steel may give you the industrial look you want, it will cost you a fortune in shipping and drayage. Work with your designer to select materials that accomplish your design goals without breaking the bank. Design for durability. Use materials that are easy to repair.


7. Contact details should be visible


 Do you have to include your contact details? Presumably not, but rather it relies on how you will utilize this criterion in your exhibition stall design. It’s extremely uncommon that people will settle on a choice to record any contact details from exhibition stalls in public places. Hence, you need to give away things like business cards, flyers, brochures, etc. for the visitors to contact you at a later stage. This will become imperative once the prospective client gets converted into sales leads and want to make a purchase a little later after the show gets ended.


8. Review your past performance & your competitor’s past        performance

If you have an experience in exhibiting, then the first step is to review your past performances at various exhibitions. The objective of these reviews is simply to get an overview of what mistakes you committed before and not to repeat the same. Analyze your previous performance and see what all can be reused like the previous stall is a reusable exhibition stall design for further exhibitions too.

One of the most crucial concerns is to analyze what others in your industry are up to. Whether you have exhibited before or not, it’s imperative that you are aware of your competitor’s do’s as well as don’ts. You can research on the exhibitors who have won awards for their exhibition stall designs. Few exhibition stall designers have done some commendable work with exhibition stall designs too. Get a list of those exhibitions stand exhibitors and designers to have a blueprint of your next exhibition stall in Dubai. Also, look at some prominent design websites to avail ongoing market trends.


Also, remember few Don’ts that you need to keep in mind while designing your next exhibition in Dubai

  • Don’t get so deep into the design that you lose sight of the products and services you are trying to sell.
  • Don’t place product displays or important visuals down low. Don’t include trade sensitive information in your exhibit graphics.
  • Don’t assume that your first design concept will be your final design. The design process is an organic one and what you first envision may get changed over time.
  • Don’t forget to integrate your exhibit design with your other marketing and promotional materials for a lasting impact.
  • Don’t underestimate the necessity of lighting as a design tool. Well-placed lighting can set a mood that attracts and counterbalances the harsh exhibit hall fluorescents.
  • Don’t try to say too much. Effective tradeshow design uses minimal words. Let photos, illustrations, color, and light do most of the talking for you.

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