Whether you are showcasing a product, a skill or a service, exhibition tradeshow is the perfect platform to present your business at its best. Exhibition tradeshows are unique in their own kind; they offer a place to capture qualified clients or leads face-to-face. Today, Dubai has retained its crown as the most popular destination for trade shows and exhibitions in the Middle East. Exhibition tradeshow in Dubai creates qualified exposure and sales that you might have to work harder to get via other channels.

Here are few steps you must follow if you plan to organize your next exhibition tradeshow in Dubai:


Step #1: Set Exhibition Objectives

Before registering yourself as a participant in your next exhibition tradeshow in Dubai, you need to be clear why do you want to exhibit in a particular show? Define the purpose of your exhibition and what do you hope to achieve? Who will be the attendees of the show? An exhibition can have many purposes; it can be depicted as a survey show, a showcase of new talent or a cross-cultural exchange. Define this as clearly as possible in order to get best out of your exhibition tradeshow in Dubai.

Step #2: Calculate Exhibiting Cost & Set your budget:

Once you set your exhibiting goals, another step while planning an exhibition tradeshow in Dubai is that you need to decide about your exhibiting budget. How your budget should be spent? How many people will you need to man the booth? What kind of technology needs to be incorporated? Do you need private meeting space? Have a clear understanding of what you are aiming to accomplish with your booth, so that you can effectively organize your exhibition costs.

Step #3: Research which exhibition will suit your market & reserve a space

Research over upcoming exhibition tradeshows in Dubai; carefully select where to host your exhibition matching your exhibiting objectives. The exhibiting space that you select will not only determine how many guests can attend, but also how many other exhibitors can provide content for your event. You might also willing to assume what impression the venue reinforces – is it worth hosting in a grand venue to create a more glamorous feel? Or would a less opulent venue be appropriate?

Exclusive Exhibition Trade Show in Dubai

In Dubai, most of the exhibitions are held in Dubai World Trade center. Some of the upcoming exhibitions to be held in Dubai World Trade Center are given; you may check what suits your product, service or industry and may begin to book your space now.

List of Exhibition Tradeshows in Dubai While exhibiting at DWTC, you can be rest assured that experience, premium facilities & technical capabilities provide you the exposure to make your investment more than worthwhile.

Step #4: Understand terms & conditions of participation

After reserving your space that best suits your sales or product placement, read the contract carefully signed by you with the exhibition authority. Understand terms & conditions of participating, payment schedule, how space is assigned. While planning exhibition tradeshow in Dubai, consult about floor plans, traffic patterns, services, and audience makeup.

Step #5:  Select Exhibition Theme, finalize designs & floor plans

Discuss a theme upon which the presentation of the objects and stories can be based. Broad themes could be change, place, influences, product functions, gender, time, & socio-political or environmental issues.  Once you have researched the theme, you will have countless ideas of what the theme is. Make sure to document ideas that interest you about the theme and later choose which one is right for your concept/idea. Thinking about the information of the theme that you have found, consider the ideas of emotion and feeling, exploration and experimentation, communication and relationships as starting points of the processes you will undergo when making your artwork.

Promo Events award winning technical team of 3D and graphic designers, CAD technicians and marketing professionals offer ace architectural and graphic solutions enabling you to deliver aesthetically impressive exhibition booths to suit your unique requirements and budget.

With over 30 years experience & more than one million square feet of multi-purpose space, DWTC welcomes some of the world’s most high-profile exhibitions. Some of the design trends that you can follow in your next exhibition tradeshow in Dubai are as follows:

  • 3D Printing

This is a trend that the trade shows and exhibition industry takes seriously as the technology required to print large scale 3D structures from a multitude of materials is becoming more and more accessible and more and more affordable.

  • Natural looking textures

In many exhibition tradeshows in Dubai, you can notice textured surfaces in their exhibition booth stand to increase visual interest. Textured surfaces draw attention; add depth & richness to exhibit’s look and feel.

  • Sustainable exhibition stands

Reusable materials have become new exhibition design trend in Dubai.  Using lower energy consuming components for stands is recommendable for your next exhibition tradeshow in Dubai.

  • Gamification

Gamification entails using game design elements in a non-game context & applying these to your event. Dubai Exhibition companies use gamification tactically to encourage actions such as early registration & networking.

  • I-Beacon Technology 

Using i-beacon can make your stand a hot spot, with people receiving exclusive discounts and content. Once you have created a buzz and attracted a significant amount of attention, you’ll be able to document this for your own social media promotion or use at future fixtures.

Step #6: Give your thoughts over Décor & Technology and Furniture – Select quality wood, metal, fabric and other materials for booth construction

The internal décor always have a big impact on how your guests perceive the event. Furniture, branded images, banners and screens are a good way to create an impressive visual experience. Consider flamboyant décor to stand out from your competitors such as inflatables, branded flags, anything with high visual impact, such as an exciting theme like 70s Funk, Undersea, Jungle or Hades.

Organise Exhibition Tradeshow in Dubai with PromoEvents

The Technology you use throughout the exhibition tradeshow in Dubai is also very important. If you want to connect on a more immersive level with your target audience, go for Augmented Reality. AR definitely helps you improve your exhibition tradeshow in Dubai; you can hide content behind marker images that can be included in your exhibition stand graphics. It’s a totally fresh and unique way for the visitors to interact with your brand. One of the latest virtual reality gadgets is Oculus Rift; it attracts the attention of visitors and creates a great talking point. The Rift is a cutting-edge virtual reality headset allowing audiences to completely immerse themselves in the virtual, three-dimensional world. Memorable activities and powerful brand experiences ensure that audience from all over the exhibition will pay you a visit and improve your ROI.

You can also provide interactive tablets pre-loaded with your portfolio or product slideshows, they provide a convenient way for visitors to explore your brand.

From furniture point of view, you can think for given newly furniture styles:

  • Bar Stools

 Bar stools are best for exhibitions, enabling those sitting to easily meet the eye-line of those standing up.

  • Low Stools

 Low stools are particularly suited to areas where demonstrations are taking place, low stools are most ideal at exhibitions.

  • Funky Chairs

This is ideally suited to expos; the funky chairs make a big impression! You may also choose a retro flourish or a futuristic look.

  • Display Counters & Kiosks

 They are the anchor of a strong trade show booth design. It’s the center of operations for your whole display, where event attendees gravitate towards to find more information or make a purchase. You can use many of kiosks that are available with customization options to perfectly promote your brand.

  • Portable Tables

Portable tables don’t just add dimension to your space but also provide ample room for displaying merchandise. Some styles, especially cocktail tables promote conversation i.e. perfect for connecting with event attendees in a more meaningful way. All of our exhibit tables are portable for easy transportation. Pair it with a stretch table cover or a fabric for a polished look. You can even get a custom printed tablecloth to create a stellar, on-brand booth.

  • Exhibit Seating & Chairs

 A dedicated lounge area creates a welcoming environment where people can sit down and relax. So, definitely you can choose from standard plastic folding chairs to director chairs to pub table sets and many more.

  • Display Cases & Towers

They bring merchandise up to eye level. Unlike the displays for retail stores, display cases are designed for easy setup and disassembly. Portable display cabinets pack up quickly into the accompanying shipping case, just like the rest of the trade show equipment and fixtures.

 Exhibition Tradeshow in Dubai for EEPC IndiaStep #7: Arrange Logistics

Big events require logistics management. This includes knowing who is turning up and when, managing exhibition space, organizing the timings and the general flow of the day or might be series of days. It’s imperative to have a team dedicated to the smooth running of exhibition tradeshow in Dubai.

Step #8: Arrange Staff & Hospitality

Start interviewing candidates; select those whom you think are capable of bringing enough leads out of exhibition. Your team should be able to understand & speak Dubai Local languages. They should be friendly, approachable and energetic towards audience. While organizing your next exhibition tradeshow in Dubai, select catering menu for expatriates press events, after-show party etc.

LG Exhibition Tradeshow in Dubai

Step #9: Market about your upcoming participation in exhibition

You need to allocate a good proportion of your budget to getting the word out about the exhibition. It’s important to bear in mind the difference in approach when marketing to the attendees and the exhibitors. The attendees need to be convinced that your exhibition tradeshow in Dubai will have something for them, and the exhibitors will need to be convinced that the attendees will want to buy from them. Getting these two messages to connect is vital to the success of the entire event.

Step #10: Invite Special Guests

Depending on the type of your exhibition tradeshow in Dubai, you might be willing to include an industry leader to present a seminar. Case studies & industry leaders insights make great talking points, and this not only provides a more rounded experience for the attendees, but will also give you more of an edge while marketing the event.

Special Guest Appearance at Exhibition Tradeshow in Dubai









Image Courtesy: http://avantflooring.com/events/avant-enterprises-launches-avant-flooring-at-the-big-5/

Step #11: Just before few days of exhibition, confirm freight arrival and check whether all the contractors are on schedule or not

Confirm freight arrival and check that all contractors are on schedule. Also, check hotel reservations for staff, as well as confirming meeting room bookings and catering orders. Get to know about the service areas. Meet electrician & confirm date and time for electrical installation. Confirm telecoms arrangements – phone / internet connection points.

 Step #12:  Supervise Booth setup and Installation

When preparing for the upcoming exhibition tradeshow in Dubai, you surely want that your booth looks and feels par excellence and is simply world class. Get a team who can help you set the booth stand carefully.

You may also go for Trade show display rentals; they are great booth options for first time exhibitors or their experienced counterparts. The rental exhibits offer savings over traditional custom exhibits. Exhibitors who choose to rent enjoy savings on labor costs, shipping, drayage, and booth storage fees.

 Step #13: Hold pre-show briefing and training

Just a day before the show, hold pre-show briefing and final training for staff. Be positive in all aspects of staff communications at this time. This final meet will set the mood of the staff for the whole exhibition tradeshow in Dubai.

Before leaving for the show, carry important phone/cell numbers, traveler’s checks, credit cards, copies of all orders and checks for services paid in advance, phone numbers and addresses of all vendors, engineering certificate for exhibit, shipping manifest, return shipping labels, and additional badge forms.

Improving Exhibition tradeshow in Dubai

Step #14: Plan activities for the final show

Work closely with venue staff during your exhibition tradeshow in Dubai. Supervise work of contractors and suppliers, such as exhibition designers and caterers. Observe competitors, see what works for them. Conduct “mystery shopping” if you can. Give staff time to visit the other exhibitors but watch out for poaching! Have daily meetings with staff and unwind sessions at the end of each day. Plan Timetables. Take photographs. Supervise health and safety issues. Handle enquiries from exhibitors, speakers, sponsors and visitors.

Step #15: Supervise dismantling of booth set up

Exhibition tradeshows in Dubai don’t always end with the end of exhibition tenure, instead they are almost always on- only the venue and participants may chance. For this reason, trade show booth dismantling is required after each show. Dismantling and careful handling of equipment, materials and products during the show has to be done considering the specs of the exhibition center.

 Step #16: Handle leads & send Thank You notes

Having an own lead collection system or an iPad to manually enter the details is the best way to improve your exhibition tradeshow in Dubai. The quicker and easier the process is, the better it will be for both your staff and your visitor. Make sure that your lead collection system enables you to add extra comments for every visitor. This additional information is very valuable.

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