Did you know that exhibitions contribute almost 50% to attract target market towards your business, especially when you want to boost brand awareness overseas? In recent time, Dubai has made its name in world class exhibitions. Dubai World Trade Center has an unparalleled experience in arranging, managing and hosting best – in – class events, which is why Dubai acts as a magnet for all big entrepreneurs. Dubai is the ideal place to nurture relationships, hold inspiring and productive exhibitions. Like other major metropolitan areas, it combines distinctively unique cultural features with cutting edge trends in an emerging worldwide economy.

The city is a melting pot of market, culture and technology, making it a center point of the entire latest buzz in the business arena. Companies from all corners of globe pitch in to avail best marketing opportunities & boost their services through best Exhibition companies in Dubai. The one name in this list is Promo Events; help you to be ensured of success because of the following factors:

1.Innovative designs attract audiences in Dubai Exhibitions

Our sales and design team work closely to review clients’ mindset considering their technical and financial requirements for project without comprising quality of the stand. We produce innovative ideas that match your preference and profile. With marketers having expertise and experience, we develop trade show booths  for Dubai exhibitions that interact with the audience. Our innovative concepts increase customer relationships, deliver a particular desired experience, content, images, and feelings that enhance a relationship between company and customers. We believe in concept of exhibition stand that is more than a physical appearance. By using originality and unique ideas to design our trade booths, we immediately create a sense of identity and pay meticulous attention to the most basic details, making visitors feel at home.

If you are planning on flaunting your brand at the next trade show or at any of the Dubai exhibitions, talk to our creative design experts and ensure you have everything you need to knock the socks off consumers and generate interest in what you have to offer.

Arab Cement Dubai Exhibitions

2. Exemplary stand finishes creating brand awareness

As we have an outstanding record of working with many prestigious international brands and country pavilions, we only provide quality materials and finishes to assure that your investments are worth it. We are specialized in offering customized exhibition stands and POD displays. We have extensive expertise in building all types of stands ranging from wooden frame to tempered glass, fiber and metal. As per current trends in this sector, we move towards use of fabrics and emphasize on lighting, building organic shapes and using bold colors. The range of lighting products is extensive, includes spotlights, wash lights and gobos that are used to create special effects, attract people to your stand and set it apart from competitors.

Whatever stand you decide to build, there is always a number of options in terms of materials you can use. Considering environmental properties, energy-efficiency, ability to recycle and ease of transport can make a huge difference to overall eco-friendliness of your exhibition. We work with light weight materials; you get the opportunity to cover all the empty spaces, thus giving your stand a full blow. For example; if one corner of the stand is left uncovered, we decorate it with combination of lights and fabric and use decorative items like flowers, glass vases,and artificial plants to give a boost. We bring out a totality in different parts of the stand, for example; oval shape in total and box shapes in compartments.

Wetex Dubai Exhibition

 3. Expert Production Team      

We have a well equipped in-house production team for Dubai exhibitions that monitors and implements production of stand, that’s why we are always confident that we can keep up with your deadlines and expectations. Our history and background has a proven way for creating and producing successful client projects with a dedicated team of experts that include; Design, Project Management, Production, Logistics and Installation teams. Our customers come from all over the globe when it comes to executing their Events & Exhibition projects in UAE. With the help of our expert team, we have already done more than 200 events covering innumerable countries, besides Middle East like – Taiwan, Japan, China, USA, India, Germany, Netherlands etc.

Middle East Electricity Exhibition in Dubai

4. Impeccable Pavilion Designs 

Pavilions are of a very peculiar construction, therefore an expertise is required to design and manufacture those kinds of buildings. Our team has designed and built a variety of pavilions. Our experience pushes us to select most appropriate framework materials, assembly systems and covers, as per client’s needs and expectations. With in house capabilities of both System & Customized wooden stands, we provide multidisciplinary pavilion designs across various industry verticals. We carry out projects ranging from design customization, production and logistics based on theme pavilion, creating perfect retail and communication platforms.

India Pavilion at Big5 Exhibition in Dubai

5. Understands Clients’ Demand

Understanding customers is a key to give them good service. But great customer care comprises getting to know your customers so well that you can anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. Our designs not only look good but they work hard to add depth and value to brands, as we believe good designs boost business & build brands. Apart from exhibition stand building, we also design, build interiors, kiosks, event stages/ backdrops and provide you solutions that take your trademark to a higher level.

Dubai Air Show

6. Complete services at affordable prices

Obviously, businesses want to work with a company that can provide you with a comprehensive service package of exhibitions, at an affordable price. Whether it is a small local business or an international exhibition company, we have skills to manage your Dubai exhibitions project from design phase to completion. When making an inquiry, we let our customers know their budget early on and make sure we work within it. For us, clients are just like our family members. We give them time, show our concern, respect and most especially make them happy always.

We enrich and touch people’s lives as we believe in developing close relationships is the only way to produce creative results & let you achieve your business goals. Maximize your next exhibition experience and display a remarkable stand with us, Inquire Now!


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