As technology continues to connect people and engage them in valuable interactions, it’s a no surprising fact that the event industry has started leveraging experiential technology to facilitate greater attendee engagement. While UAE is constantly pushing itself to be the hub for the technology worldwide, event tech trends in Dubai is shaping the future of event planning. With the advanced event trends, Dubai event management companies are continually changing the perspective how the attendees are viewed. Event technology helps event planning companies in Dubai to view event crowd not as a passive audience but as engaged participants. Given are some of the biggest event tech trends in Dubai that are leading the way and making an impact on Event Industry:

  1. Real Time Event Management using Cloud based software:

Social media has integrated into our lives deeply and with that everyone has an open platform, to communicate their experiences. Because of this, corporate event management companies in Dubai have become more concerned about attendee satisfaction than ever before. Attendee satisfaction is the reflection of how valuable, well-planned and managed an event is.

Radio frequency identification technology & beacons technology make it easy to collect attendee data in real-time and event production companies in Dubai can adjust to traffic patterns and more.  Event management software that is cloud based and mobile friendly is a new event tech trend in Dubai ensuring that changes can be made on the fly and viewed by those essential to the planning and implementation. This allows event planners to seamlessly plan their event & make sure nothing falls through the cracks or gets miscommunicated.

Adapting & making the necessary changes in real-time allows for a more seamless, positive experience for attendees. Ideally, innovative event planners utilize web-based event management software that can be used on many devices and in collaboration with people in real-time.

  1. Digital Swag Bags

As the green movement is taking a strong hold on the events industry, event management companies in Dubai are trying to find ways to reduce waste during their event. One of the most efficient & economical ways to reduce waste is to eliminate the traditional event swag bag and replace it with a digital swag bag. Rather than carrying a heavy bag throughout the event, attendees will receive a digital swag bag via email, text, app or a link on your site. Not only this option is green, but by being digital, it is also measurable. Attendees must be compelled to take advantage of the offers, view the content and so on. When the contents of the bag are targeted and marketed correctly, the exhibitors and sponsors will see a return. There is a strong opportunity to immerse the attendees in an experience and engage them in interactions; that can live on social media long after the event is over.

  1. Crowd Streaming

Live streaming is another event tech trend in Dubai.  Social media based live streaming has introduced “crowd streaming.” No longer event attendees need expensive software and equipment to broadcast their experiences at events. All event attendees require is to merely have a smartphone to share their experiences in real time. Apps like Periscope and social media features such as Facebook Live put the power of live streaming into the hands of your event attendees. The organic feeling of personal live streams opens the door for more interested and engaged viewers. Open up the spotlight on your events this year and encourage crowd streaming.


Crowd streaming

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  1. Email & Marketing automation

Email…really? Yes, it is! With social networks’ growth slowing (even declining) and the rise of messaging apps (which are hard to use as a marketing tool), email is once again being seen as a new event tech trend in Dubai to be the part of any organizers’ promotional plan. What can really make it stand out is to use it in conjunction with marketing automation software like Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, and Eloqua. Marketing automation enables you to send more personalized, relevant and effective emails to prospective attendees, giving you the technology to move away from spammy broadcast email practices, towards a more value-led approach.

  1. Wearable Technology

Event marketers are always looking for new ways to upgrade experiences & measure their impact. And these days, wearable technology is quickly becoming one of the most innovative event tech trends in Dubai. From Fitbits and smart glasses to wristbands and even tracking devices, wearable technology has the power to do everything from providing biometric data on attendees during an event to reducing time spent waiting in line. If you have an event marketing goal, chances are there is a wearable that will help you achieve it.  A recent study estimates the wearable market will be worth $34 billion by 2020.

Wearable Sports Tech watch
Wearable Sports Tech watch

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Here are four of the latest wearable technology options and their potential uses at events.

  • Snapchat Spectacles

The smart glasses, which look more like a colorful pair of shades, allow the wearer to capture memories from their personal perspective.

  • Oculus Touch

The devices intuitively mirror the user’s hand gestures, helping to further immerse them in the virtual world. What gives them an edge is their ability to detect the smallest hand movement, right down to pointing a finger or giving the thumbs up sign.

  • The Camo Collective

From fitness experiences to outdoor events and beyond, items from the Camo Collective have the ability to provide consumers with seamless, tech-driven experiences without the need for bulky equipment or how-to tutorials.

  • Intel Curie Module

The devices measure heart rate and variability, brain wave activity and include a microphone to monitor breathing rates. Combined, the setup offers real-time feedback on the wearer’s stress levels.

  1. Facial Recognition Tool

Facial recognition tool is another event tech trend in Dubai that provides flexible biometric verification. It is a powerful technology being used by corporate event management companies in Dubai serving a broad spectrum of security applications. Facial recognition software has the ability to help detect threats more efficiently than relying on standard video surveillance and security personnel. Facial recognition software is able to determine the moods of event attendees as well as cross-referencing faces with criminal databases, looking for signs of potential dangers to your event.  Face scanning biometric tech is incredibly versatile and this is reflected in its wide range of potential applications.


Facial Recognition Tool
Facial Recognition Tool

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  1. Virtual Reality

No matter what theme Event Management Companies in Dubai are choosing, Virtual Reality is another relatively new form of technology that can change the future of events. Virtual information booths are a new event tech trend in Dubai, mostly found at meetings and conferences. Virtual reality is a three dimensional, completely computer generated environment. Usually, users need to wear a Virtual Reality headset & may also need compatible gloves or handsets to be able to effectively interact with this world. The virtual event space brings plenty of opportunity for co-branding and partnerships. A deeper level of immersion can bring a deeper level of engagement. Subsequently, this leads to lots of opportunities for sponsorship and branding. The ability to live stream VR content straight to viewers’ social feeds also makes it easier for that branding to reach a broader audience in real-time. VR is a perfect way to up attendee engagement during event ceremonies.

  1. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is another event tech trend in Dubai different from virtual reality. Rather than transforming the user’s world entirely, it alters particular aspects of the environment they are already in.  Augmented reality is the combination of both computer generated elements as well as the reality to create an augmented world. With augmented reality, viewers interact with computer generated overlays as they move within the real world.



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