New Year is not only the time to reflect on the past year and recall about the wonderful new people we met and experiences we had, no matter bad or good, but it’s also time to look forward to the NEW YEAR and check out what’s NEW it has in store for us. The Event Industry in 2017 is also likely to witness changes as these new event trends catch up with event managers in 2017

Here is our compilation of key event trends that are likely to be top of mind with event managers in 2017.

1.Increased use of Data Capture Tools

One of the key event trends would be the increased use of data capture tools .As technology continues to grow and evolve, it will be considered as a primary requirement for event of the future. It will serve as an important tool to collect quantifiable data. The data will become a driving force for increasing ticket sales and sponsorship.

From an event planning perspective, the ideal technology solution would handle all the technological needs – booking meeting space, planning event logistics, developing an event website, housing, online registration, travel, marketing and exhibition management. A single solution would be easier to buy, to learn, to manage, to extract and utilize the data collected. Definitely, in 2017 mobiles will dominate internet for browsing event websites or purchasing online tickets.

 In addition, there has been recent event trends – a veritable explosion of event data sources including:

  • · Easy mobile polling and surveys
  • · Measurement of dwell times (how long and which exhibition booths and sessions attendees spend their time)
  • · Social media sentiment analysis
  • ·Attendee influence analytics
  • ·Mobile event apps (where every touch is trackable)

·Beacon technology (both fixed and wearable – where every movement can be trackable), with state-of-the-art cloud-based systems and robust, well-documented API’s will be possible to collect and to analyze data from a myriad of sources. As cloud-based systems get more powerful every year, big data tools are opening a new world of predictive analytics that can have huge impacts on events. In addition, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) tools will be more powerful, helping to sort through the blizzard of data.

2.Use of Virtual Reality will be a key event trend

One of the key event trends that will continue to evolve in the years to come will be virtual reality. We will most likely start to see virtual attendance tickets becoming available and the most exciting part is that one would not need expensive head gear to participate. This will extend the audience and revenue streams for future events. Sponsors will also be maximizing on this platform with branded environments and tours. Furthermore, it will be a great tool for event professionals to create room designs and layouts with clients during planning stages of an event. Innumerable destinations and hotels are already moving to VR to deliver event attendees and others the most realistic site inspection.

Use of mobile will be a key event trend in 2017

3.Live Streaming

According to Digitell, 30% of people who watch a livestream of an event attend the same event in the following year. Video content will be on the rise and new tools will make it easier than ever for event professionals to get involved.

Social Media networks like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram will empower attendees to share their experiences with live videos. We may also see more live video streaming as a key event trend as we head into 2017. Furthermore, events will continue to provide share-worthy backdrops designed specifically for attendees to take selfies and live videos to post on their social networks. In 2017 we should see an increase in the use of Facebook Live – giving event professionals the opportunity to broadcast live event video to their existing audience. Most events will have a larger presence on Facebook than Twitter, so this presents a new way of connecting with fans. Instagram has also confirmed that they are working on a live video feature. Will Snapchat still be a platform to implement for events in 2017? Absolutely, if your event targets a youth audience. Live video will be the future of content.

Live streaming will be a key event trend in the years to come

4.Off- Site Conferencing

Gone are the days when conference centers and expo halls were much in limelight. Industry professionals are already seeing a rise in requests for a unique space outside conventional venues. From wine distilleries to airplane hangars, the key event trends of 2017 will see event managers exploring venues of that are ordinary yet distinctive.

Event specialists have confirmed that when people attend offsite meetings, they are not distracted and are more fully engaged. Taking meetings offsite is important to consider when you are making strategic decision, or want to promote brainstorming. When conferencing happens in a room with fixed dimensions, people tend to take the same seat and stare out the same window. By moving your meeting to an offsite location, you lift some of these barriers that stifle creativity. Offsite venues also enable employees to smash their office personality and relate to one another in different ways that generate meaningful and creative ideas.

Offsite meetings and conferences will be a key event trend

5.Conferences paired with vacation time

Event participants are not mere corporate machines who just take interest in discussing about business matters, even they love to socialize, want to make new friends, desire to spend good time with other delegates and wish to form new & healthy relationships. Surely, 2017 will not be about attending monotonous conferences and bragging about unpredictable economic environment but this time would be leveraged at its best to plan vacations.

Business travelers would love to break shackles of board rooms and talking about business forecasts but would also love to eat good food and visit luxury spas. The event organizers understand that conferences paired with vacation time nurtures good networks and rapport that may stay for longer period of time and can bring better benefits to all. Events will no longer be about having a pen on hand or business card to be exchanged with attendees, but rather giving them something that will mesmerize their in-the-moment experience and later continue to connect emotion with the event/brand. From among all the key event trends this one is likely to find the best flavor in an increasingly overworked population.

Holiday conferences will continue to grow as a key event plan

6.Vintage Designs 

Rustic design will make a comeback.Edison bulb lighting, wooden furniture and natural decor will take its way into our events, there would no more space to fancy and larger than life designs, rather people would love exotic outlook. Designing an event in 2017 would be all about ditching mass production, and making each guest feel special.

Vintage designs in Event Industry

7.More leisure activities

In the recent past, most people who attended an event, exercised or practiced yoga or aerobics in their free time. But in 2016, we saw more and more events incorporating leisure activities into the schedule & event trends in  2017 will see this blossom even more. This would be a wonderful thing, as these interludes will not only provide “brain breaks” for attendees but also provide them a chance to interact with each other in more relaxed environments where they can recharge themselves.

Event breakouts

8.Facial recognition, biometrics and sentiment analysis

 Technology has developed to the point where face recognition systems can determine attendees’ ethnicity, mood, gender, approximate age, and even specific individuals in a photo database. Postings on social media can be analyzed for sentiment analysis as well. We will see these tools used at events and exhibitions to measure engagement, demographics, and even spot potential troublemakers.

Facial recognition will be used to identify event attendees

9.Introduce Chill Zones

As we have become more aware of our need to slow down, practice mindfulness and be present in our daily lives. We can expect to come across more ‘chill zones’ at events. An area to sit, relax and meditate. We will also see rise in speeches and presentations that echo the need for clarity and silence of the mind. In this new era, well-being at events will be the focus. Instead of trending colors, pastel colors will be more be into picture. People would be offered healthy organic drinks, rather than providing alcoholic options.

Event execution will involve having relaxation techniques

10.Emotional Connection with local flavor

Another way to boost the attendee’s experience will be usage of local aspects such as locations, cultures and even cuisines, to evoke an emotional connection to the event. By creating an authentic and memorable experience, brands will find a home in people’s consciousness.

Event Destination in Dubai

Dubai will definitely be most preferred destination in 2017 to organize events especially when it’s about food and hospitality events. Due to outstanding facilities, services at Dubai Hotels, more and more delegates would show keen interest to visit this multicultural city. Surely, Dubai will be the destination for all those extended seminars coupled with MICE tourism.



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