When you plan an event, you create an experience. One of the most important aspects of this experience is the event staffing you plan to bring. After all, these individuals collectively represent the face of your event. In order to ensure participants will have a fantastic time at your next event, you must find the perfect hires to set the right mood. Following are some of the tips for choosing the right event staffing:


1. Ask Industry Experts for Recommendations

Consult with colleagues who can make you meet promising individuals or recommend you about job fairs or websites. If you are too overwhelmed to find the top talent you require, consider using a reputable staffing agency in Dubai.


2. Interview Thoroughly

Interview each candidate yourself, briefing them on the role and its responsibilities. If anyone doesn’t seem interested to do the task, just move on. If possible, arrange some form of group interaction to see how potential hires behave with each other.


3. Hire Staff that represents your brand image

Hire Staff

Event staffing helps you build new relationships with your potential clients. If you are willing to find those perfect people, you must open up a line of communication with them. The events staff you hire for your next conference have to do more than just smile and answering questions. Ask potential candidates how will they represent your brand, or what approach they would take to align your ideas.


4. Know their knowledge about the industry for which the event is being organized:

Undoubtedly events staff must have a presentable image but their knowledge also plays an important role. For example: If you are a mobile phone provider, then technical skills on the part of your events staff is a must. On the other hand, healthcare or cosmetic companies require other types of people. Seek those with expertise or certifications related to event responsibilities.


5. Always overbook your staff in order to avoid unpredictable situations

It is always wondering if your entire events staff arrive at your Dubai event on time, in good health and ready to go, but event planners know that rarely everything goes precisely as planned. Sourcing the right events staff may seem like a costly proposition,  but it’s always worth the spend to eliminate any worries you may have in case any unpredictable event happens, and you may end up with a shortage of staff. It is always far better to ensure your peace of mind by booking a few more staff than you actually need, as flat tires, transit delays, etc. may happen, in spite of the best of planning. Before the event, confirm attendance with your staff members, be updated with the local news and weather reports for any events that could hinder a strong turnout.


6.Do background checks:

Google each and every candidate you hire and check the results. Make sure there is nothing out of the ordinary. Also, view their social media profiles to ensure the way they represent themselves is true. You must ensure that their photos and credentials are verified & up to date, their educational degrees must also be genuine.


7. Incentivize your event staff

Everyone loves a treat! It is really important to make your staff feel valued to ensure a better experience for everyone. You can offer your events staff food right after the event, invite them to watch live entertainment off the clock. Show the team how much you admire their efforts by letting them meet with a noted speaker or get their own event gift bag. This gratitude of appreciation will mean a lot to your staff members and will boost team morale and loyalty.


8. Share your company & product information

After hiring events staff, it is mandatory to provide them the necessary information about your company background and product information. Doing so will keep your events staff well -informed and prepared to answer any questions.


9. Avoid hiring friends and family to staff your event.

This will make it harder to act as their boss and will decrease the professionalism of the entire events staff.


10. Consider Logistics

If a great candidate lives far from the venue, doesn’t have dependable transportation or is occupied with other responsibilities, he or she might not be the best fit for your event. However, if your event in Dubai is in an out-of-the-way place for most staff, consider arranging for transportation or other assistance.


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